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 WOW! I was about to write this wish but before I could even type this I found out that my request has been approved to two communities that I've been praying for to approve my request and one community that  have also been praying for to open its membership just opened their membership for a limited time only.

I am so ecstatic that I can't write anything more! Wahhh! Thank you Lord! Even though it was such a trivial wish, you granted it still. 

Guess I'll spend Christmas with Arashi! Wheee!
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I can't believe I've let ten days pass by without writing anything here (not that anyone reads this). Hmmm...what to write about? Oooh! Oooh! I remember! I saw this. This person rocks.

Wish List # 3: I want plushies...and not just any plushie...I want all the boys in their huggable plushieness. If I get to hug L and Light (and have them do even more), why can't I do the same with the boys? sigh...If only I knew how to sew. and to design. and to actually follow instructions...

BUT! for the love of Arashi that is burning in my veins...I will make them...someday.  
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 Tomorrow's the first day of December! I can't believe I've neglected this journal for so long. I didn't even get to greet Oh-chan a Happy Three-Oh! Since tomorrow's the first day of the last month of 2010, I need to write something before November ends. So I'll continue my Santa's List.

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Since its only a few more weeks until Christmas comes, I wanted to start something Christmassy. Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season starts as early as September and ends at January or until we remember to finally put away our Christmas decorations. Seriously.

I don't believe in Santa Claus but that doesn't mean I can't come-up with a wish list. Some are more plausible than others, while most are just plain wishful thinking (but not completely impossible). 

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