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I seriously don't know how to feel about this....
Am I proud that people in Japan acknowledge my idol's beauty and passion and talent? Am I envious that she is is Japan and will be moving in the same entertainment circle as Arashi (and will soon get a chance to guest in talk shows and variety shows)? Do I cringe because she is a pop-star (much like AKB48), famous for being "kawaii"? Should I feel Pinoy pride?

I think I'll settle for confused. Gambatte Alodia-chan!

*PS: It is soooo easy to hate her. But I love her too much. <3

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 Alodia Gosiengfiao. Her name is almost synonymous to cosplaying--at least to Filipino cosplaying. Because of her cosplaying skills, the major networks in the country become aware that cosplaying isn't just about wearing costumes. You don't only have to look like the character, talk like the character, you have to BE the character. 

alodia                                 alodia as misa misa

I've seen her in person, and let me tell you, she is really pretty in person. Her face in pictures are not photoshopped--she really looks like that. So flawless, you would hate her.

What really drew me to her is her passion. She loves what she's doing. Even though she won't get paid for dressing up as Misa Amane, she (and her co-cosplayers) would arrange their own Death Note photoshoot, looking for shooting locations on their own, making their own clothes, doing their own make up. I think that's just amazing. She's not only pretty, she is super artistically talented as well. (It's so easy to hate her.)

So since she is soooo pretty, it would not be surprising to see her on TV (on Animax, some hosting stint aired on TV5, a feature on cosplaying aired in GMA7). What surprised me this morning is that she'll be co-hosting a show on ABS-CBN2. I hope she works on her hosting skills. She has camera presence but she appears too stiff and sounds too scripted.

I'm not sure whether I'm all that pleased that she'll be appearing on national TV. I have something against mainstream media making her into one of the cookie-cutter "idols." But I am happy that she's getting recognition for her cosplaying skills. And that cosplay is being properly explained and introduced on national TV so older people and non-otakus would stop looking at cosplayers like they're some delusional weirdos who missed their medications.

Hooray for cosplay and the industries that gave birth to it (anime, manga, gaming, comics)!

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