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featured orange item: shoes and skirt
friday meeting again
* Went to Monsay for Bible Study but this time I couldn't contact Kim and I didn't have the courage to just sneak in past the guard. Waited for an hour for her reply and left for UP when it was time. And to think that I was excited and prepared for this. Heck, I even brought my PDL and devo notebook. Later on, Kim would tell me she left her phone at home *facepalm*
* Bought black flats at Philcoa. It was comfortable and looks appropriate for the rain (but not for floods). It was more expensive than expected. I also saw a blue dress at Philcoa for only 100 php. I had no plans of buying clothes but it was only 100 and it was the kind of blue I was looking for.
* I was still early for the meeting so I ate at UP Coop. I had okoy and rice and ate there.
* Guess who I met at Shopping Center? Kuya Benji Gonzales from SVCF! He told me he was getting ready to climb Makiling with other SV alumni.
* Got to the Infirmary before everyone else. I was still feeling discouraged because di natuloy yung bible study that I've been looking forward to. Ate Kath came in and shared with me an issue that happened between one of her students (who were doing their ojt at LCRC) and Pastor Ely. Through his actions, super pangit ng naging tingin tuloy sa kanya. Tarnished. As a christian, I felt embarrassed. Ang pangit ng testimony.
* we talked about our module and our other projects at LCRC. Then we called it a day.
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...because I don't want to hear people's dissent and judgement and having to deal with trollers and flamers who do not know how to read and who suck in reading comprehension. But I just have to write something about these two posts:
I. On calls for continuing the "giving culture" even without a calamity
comment: I disagree on two points.
1) the quote: “We should have continued Bayanihan spirit. We need to develop a habit of giving even when there’s no disaster.”
- bayanihan is not equal to charity (which is usually defined as giving materially). if you see pictures of bayanihan, you will see people carrying a house on their shoulders, usually with the owner of the house, to transport the said kubo from one place to another. It's about helping out in the sense of empowering the beneficiary (in this case the house owner) to move his house. It's not about giving him money to hire movers or buying him a house (lousy comparison but hey, it's midnight. It's been a long day.). What the survivors need is something like that: a helping hand (service, not merely goods/dole-outs/donations) to be able to rebuild their lives. The Bayanihan spirit should never be contained to such a temporary act as "giving."
2) the quote: “Historically, Filipinos only give when there’s a calamity. That’s what we have observed. But we want to promote a culture of giving,” Tiangco says.
- Giving continually would do more harm than good because it promotes mendicancy and dependence. We want to help them stand on their own two feet as soon as they are able, so eventually relief efforts should stop and be diverted to efforts in rehabilitation and reconstruction. Instead of relief bags, we give them housing materials and stuff for livelihood (fishing boats, seedlings), opportunities to work for food, involve them in activities such as cleaning their houses and the community. Kaya nga "relief" ang tawag. It's supposed to be temporary.
Another point, there is such as a thing as "donors fatigue."

Pero in fair, gets ko naman kung anong gusto niyang sabihin. And opinion lang naman ito at hindi official statement.

II. Concern about a christian group offering training on "stress debriefing"
cause for concern:
1) stress debriefing is so passe and in fact my professors in psychology involved in disaster mental health say we should not even use the term. There are numerous studies that show that critical stress debriefing does more harm than good. The preferred method is Psychological First Aid. In fact that's what the PAP is giving trainings on. I didn't want to express my concern in public because I would look like a know-it-all and give the training (which is a free social service and done with good intention) bad press.
2) Concern ko rin na bakit stress debriefing pa rin ang alam at tinuturo ng "College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy-Philippines" (CPSP), the group who would be conducting the free training? Now, I'm starting to doubt the competency of this group because they don't seem to be updated on the rest of the psychosocial training world. Or am I merely being elitist/biased of what I have been trained as a psych MA student? What if the PFA-CISD "debate" is just politics?
3) Another concern is that the training is open to anyone who wants to be a "good gift" to Yolanda victims, and aside from stress debriefing, they also offer a basic and practical training on trauma counseling, grief and mourning, self-care for volunteers--all in one day. Naisip-isip ko, "Wow ha. Talaga lang? Isang sem nga di sapat para sa trauma counseling, isisiksik mo pa yung grief and mourning and stress debriefing in one day?!" And fear ko lang is that some lay people who come to the training may feel that kaya na nilang mag-counsel ng mabibigat na concerns even without sufficient background in counseling/therapy, or even psych. They might do more harm than good. And mega-church pa ang nag-ooffer nito. Parang irresponsible lang. Are they under-estimating the difficulty of handling these cases? Are they under-estimating what it takes to do therapy and counseling?

Ayun lang. Got it off my chest.

EDIT: After talking with Ate Kath, I've become less critical about this training. She said that lay men may still use the term "stress debriefing" when they really refer to PFA. Because that is the term people are familiar with. I'm hoping that really is the case.
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Saw this article/news from Arama that got me pondering:

Why is it so especially difficult to be half-Filipino? I mean, didn't Matsujun's "Smile" drama revolve around that issue? And why there are NGOs like Kopino who support (and protect) half Filipinos in Korea?

Ano ba ang meron sa Pinoy? Or sa half-Pinoy? Is it because we are seen as "domestic helpers" anywhere we are?

Gusto ko na tuloy ito na lang aralin ko for my thesis. Kaso lang clinical psych track nga pala ako. Mas pang-SP or social psych yung issue na to.

I'm now off to the last day of GCAC!

Edit: After reading the whole article (the 2ch reactions as well), I found out that
1) ang daming half-Filipinas sa AKB! More than any other nationalities.
2) 2ch users see Filipinas as (basically) gold-diggers who go for old Japanese men who Japanese women do not want (parang reject ng mga Japanese women)
3) Sabi no Akimoto, "I kept thinking 'What am I?' for 7 and a half years while I was spending time together with all these other idols like Mayuyu and Yuko. But I am able to stay active and have work because of my shoulder width that's bigger than anyone else's in AKB, and my muscles. I cherished these traits as these define who I really am." "Now I am proud when I say that I'm half-Filipino, and I hope that I can give give a helping hand to everyone else who are half-bred and is in the same situation as I was, and people who have no confidence".
It's great that she was able to resolve her "inferiority" as a half-Filipino, but I think it's sad that she focused on the physical ans her popularity as AKB and hindi yung sa positive Filipino values/traits to get the sense of "I'm proud to be half-Filipino." Para tuloy napaka-superficial ng basis niya to get over the inferiority complex she is feeling.


Friday, 22 February 2013 05:03
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I just realized I have no patience and compassion to become an editor. As I translate (and edit at the same time) a written report on Spiritual Abuse (for my chinese classmate), I can't count the number of times I cursed the author of the sloppy report in my head. As if making the report elementary level is not hard enough, I have to think what the author meant to say, which is usually hidden by verbose constructions and archaic expressions. Arghhhh! So frustrating!

Adding to the frustration is the topic itself: Spiritual abuse. People do use religion and spirituality to take advantage of people. Hence the emergence scandals in catholic churches and cults. It has been present forever, since I believe it is innate for humans to seek God. That's why some can take advantage of that innate longing, because people would do anything to connect to God, to find meaning and purpose in life. They are so unforgivable. I can't help myself wishing that there would be a special place in hell for people like them. I believe they are one of the reasons why some people become atheist. How dare they tarnish the character of God for their selfish gains. Argghhh!

(this excellent opportunity to reflect on my own spiritual walk and how susceptible I am of committing spiritual abuse since I am a leader, but I'm too frustrated to think straight and I really want to get the task over with. Maybe later.)
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It's been 6 years since my freshman year in UP Diliman. A lot has changed since then, and here are some of the things I remember when I was still a freshie:

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just got back from my stat exam, and I feel like I did not study hard enough. T_T Hoping against hope that the next exam will be take home. If I keep performing this badly in exams, I better say goodbye to any hope of reaching CS status. sadness. Oh well, がんばりましょう!

I am enjoying my Japanese classes so much. I wanna keep on learning, improving my grammar and speech, going beyond the basic greetings, and one word expressions. がんばりましょう!

One thing that made me smile today is my interaction with my intellectual crushie in facebook. One thing I can say: I love being a geek! <3

Well, I better do my jap homework so I can actually start research work for my reports at the end of this month. がんばりましょう!

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So my resolve to be a psychologist is strengthened. Filipinos are a resilient people. I only hope that as I train, I can help pave their way towards recovery and starting over.
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It's been ages since I wrote anything here. Wahhhh. Where do I begin? Updates in bullets!
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Bye bye my beloved fandoms. Looking forward to your new works, epicness, and other updates. Ja ne.

finally it's here!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 08:18
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Yey! July 06 finally came, after months of waiting (ever since they announced that they're releasing a new album). So grateful for being part of this fandom. Now I have to break my piggy bank.

I have so much reading to do and I've barely made a dent. So I consider this new album as my motivation to finish as soon as possible. Here's hoping that I actually pick up something from my long list of readings (cause psych is text-heavy). And that I don't fall asleep in the library (again).

I better get ready to get to school!
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 I felt that I had to write something here. So here goes:

* Tomorrow is UPD's first day of classes, but since my classes are only on mondays and fridays, my first day of class would be this friday. I am really excited and apprehensive at the same time. I'm still not sure if I should be taking masteral studies. eeeep!  But just like my mom, I'm just here to try it out and see where it would lead me. Here's hoping that it would  lead me to a scholarship to Japan.

*  When I enrolled for the first semester, I was really surprised by how God was in everything. One of my worries was my class load: I didn't want to miss my Tuesday bible study with Ensemble (my cell group) and the midweek service on Wednesdays. God made it possible that I only had classes on Mondays and Fridays. Such grace! 
And as if that was not enough, He also gave Dra. Bolet Bautista as my adviser. Not only is she one leading therapists in the country, she is also a Christian and both my mom and aunt know her personally. Woah~! If that isn't God's grace, I don't know what is. God's putting the right people in my life at this specific time. Must mean that I would soon be stepping up.
And for the cherry on top of this grace sundae, she offered me to be her graduate assistant. Not only will I be learning from her in class (she's my prof in psychotherapy), I will also be learning from here first hand, through experience. What an opportunity! Thank you Lord!
* Because I am a part-time student, I only have 6 units of class load. And because the tuition fee for grad students is only 500/unit, I  could easily afford paying it with my own money. Thank you Lord! 
* Speaking of money matters, I got a commissioned translation job for a publishing house working with Gawad Kalinga. I finally get to translate short stories! And from Filipino to English (which is a whole lot easier)! Yey! The rates are pretty good, even though it is kind of short notice (I have to submit it by June 14, I got it last Thursday night). By the grace of God, I finished them a day early (with only minor editing left to do). Praise God!
* I'll be meeting my guy best friend in a few hours. Yey! I haven't seen him in ages. I'm really glad that we can meet for lunch today. So excited to know how he is doing.
So I've been going between sleeping and being awake because of that one story that very tricky to translate (Ano ba ang egg shell sa tagalog?!) It really peeved me knowing that I was practically transliterating the whole thing. It super needs a lot of work. Which I should be doing right now. 
Off to work then!
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 Tomorrow's the first day of December! I can't believe I've neglected this journal for so long. I didn't even get to greet Oh-chan a Happy Three-Oh! Since tomorrow's the first day of the last month of 2010, I need to write something before November ends. So I'll continue my Santa's List.

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