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I'm procrastinating big time. I have not started on the psychological report and I only have two days left to work on it. Plus the planned activities for the CSA group therapy I have to work on. I'm so dead. I didn't do anything this all. I only slept and did not much else. Sleeping the day away is actually draining.

But I still have enough energy to fangirl with. I saw two updates on my facebook that totally made me giddy:
1) Vanness is friends with Bolin Chen! Yey! So happy. And he (Vanness) has a new project (not sure if drama or a movie) called "Best Friend." Can't wait for more news on that. :)
2) George Hu has a new film (I think). A war film where he sports a moustache.
3) Esther Yang and Nini are soooo cute. Hope to hear news about a new project for them soon.
4) (old news clip) On youtube, I saw LeeHom making sweets with his wife in front of the reporters. They are so cute together and very happy.

*drags self to work*
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This 2013, I discovered a lot of artists and personalities to go gaga the detriment of my acads and work life. So here are the hi-lights of my fandom this year, on the last fandom friday of the year:

* Love Now, George Hu + Annie Chen
- I can't get over how electrifying their chemistry is on-screen and off-screen (during the behind the scene footages). I have yet to watch Love Around (still disappointed that it only lasted for 21 episodes), but will get it to it soon (after I finish jotting down all my fave lines in Love Now).

* Esther Yang
- she's a Christian, an ABC, a model, and she is too adorable as Yang Yi Qing. My face always lights up when I see an update on her page on my newsfeed.

* Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ
- never mind that they already split up into duet TVXQ and JYJ. Their harmony and talent is so phenomenal, they deserve such a name "4 gods of the east." As much as I love Arashi, these 5 totally beat them in terms of dancing and singing. They can sing acappella!!! Their dance steps are sharp and intense. Although I cannot call myself a Cassie (a fan), I also wish that the 5 would share the same stage again.

* Sung Si Kyung
- his voice is honey, and his english covers are impeccable. And his duets with Lena Park is bone-meltingly nakakakilig.

* Camille Co
- another fashion blogger I started to emulate. She and Laureen Uy are blogger besties and both of them have awesome fashion sense--daring yet still darling. (speaking of Laureen, when did I start following her?)

*  Vanness Wu's marriage and Wang Lee Hom's official girlfriend
- 2013 is a year of answered prayers! I am so ecstatic that these two have found the one they have been longing for, singing about in love songs. I pray that they would remain blissfully happy and blessed and their relationship would remain strong.

next year will be an awesome year, with Arashi's 15th anniversary (oh my poor harddrive!), reuploads by different subbing communities (yey!), and new projects by everyone! So happy!


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