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 * if you could return to being a high school student one more time, what would you do?

- I’d really get serious about writing for the school paper

* From tomorrow, you are left on an uninhabited island, list three things you would take with you

- One: lifetime supply of sunblock with the highest SPF (cuz skin cancer is no fun); two: a jungle bolo to cut branches and stuff for shelter and fire; three: waterproof Bible

* If you can transform into an animal for a day, what will it be and how will you manage to live?

- I’d probably a native bird in the city (less chance of being poached) and I’d hang out our house because we have lots of trees and my aunt always leaves dried rice for birds to eat.

* if you can be invisible for one day, what would you do?

- tag-along Maichard’s shooting/taping to see their offcam harutan up close and uncensored. Then I can die happy.

* If God gave you a power, what would it be?

- I’d love to be able to heal people

* If you go back to being a child, what is it you want to do most?

- ask for “pamasko” from all my ninongs and ninangs and save them up in a bank.

* if you turn into a man one morning, what would you do?

- examine myself in front of a full length mirror. 

* if you were to give a lesson to primary school students, what kind of lessons will you teach?

- I’d teach them the importance of caring for the environment. I want to instill in young minds that it is never okay to litter on the ground and waste materials.

* if you could be born again, but not as a human, what do you want to be born as?

- I’d want to be a bird. I want to know what it feels to fly and not worry about food and clothes and shelter.

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 * “I feel so youthful!” In what times do you feel this?

- when I watch anime

* Is there anything recently that made you happy?

- Maichard’s new teleserye!!!

* Recently, is there anything you would love to try?

- I’d love to try baking using our oven.

* recently, is there anything that makes you feel like you have aged?

- I’ve started caring about my health and anti-aging creams

* what made you laugh recently?

- Maichard’s antics in Baguio (both on cam and offcam)

* when was the last time you shed tears and what was the reason?

- I read a brilliantly written fanfic and I had to cry because I could never come up with such a masterpiece even if I bleed myself

* Of the things you have purchased recently, which is your favorite?

- aside from Maichard magazines, I love

* Anything that made you angry recently.

- D30 fanatics and unwanted visitors

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 * what is that one thing a guy does that you’re really weak against?

- when he plays a musical instrument (guitar, piano, violin). And when he sings.

* what is your ideal guy?

- someone who is not a holier-than-thou practicing Christian

* what is your ideal confession situation?

- since I usually run away at the first sign of guy’s attraction to me, he has to be a trusted guy friend before he can even make a move.

* when you fall in love with someone, do you do everything for that person or do you both respect each other’s space?

- I’d probably do my best to make him feel that I support him 100% in all his endeavors by making myself available for him, when he needs help with something.

* which of the following gifts will make you the happiest?

a) “we’ll always be connected” (a mobile phone just for between the two of you)

b) “come over to my place” (a copy of his keys)

c) “I’ll sing to you the extent of my love” (sings a song to you that he has written and composed)

d) “Although it doesn’t look presentable, it is made with lots of love” (makes dinner, a dish he has never tried cooking before)

- I’ll melt into a puddle of mush if a guy sings a song he made just for me.

* 3 criteria to be your boyfriend

- one, he has to be patient (I can be very infuriating when I get into my moods). Two, he has to be persistent (because I have a tendency of pushing people away and retreating in my hole). And three, my family has to be very close to him.

* What is the heart-throbbing part of a man?

- his biceps

* what kind of manner or speech of a man would make you back off?

- when he treats you with disrespect

* if you were in love, what would you liken yourself to?

- a loyal and all out fan girl

* when was your first love and what kind of man was he?

- in gradeschool. He was smart, funny and very very patient.

* Which part would your eyes fall on when you first meet a guy?

- his clothes, then his hands

* what were the most unreasonable words you have said to a guy?

- “I wanna test your patience.”

* what are the three qualities that would make you fall in love with a man?

- his love and passion for the country and those in need, his passion for God and Bible, and his intellect

* are you the type who would confess to someone or wait to be confessed to?

- definitely will wait to be confessed to

* what is the biggest difference between lovers and male friends?

- the skinship? And the kilig.

* “This guy is unforgiveable!” What makes that kind of man?

- when he hurts a woman. Physical and otherwise.

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 * What was your childhood nickname?

- Baba

* describe yourself during childhood in one word.

- self-entitled/brat

* what kind of game/activity did you like as a child?

- I’d play “charge” “ice ice water” and “langit lupa” with my siblings at our garage

* who did you consider as a star when you were young?

- soap opera actresses (Judy Ann Santos, Jolina Magdangal, Claudine Baretto)

* what is your earliest memory?

- birthday parties at my preschool

* what is the thing you were enthusiastic about when you were small?

* an unforgettable serious incident when you were small

- I almost drowned when I was a kid and was saved by my oldest brother

* confession about something bad you did when you were young.

- I bullied a mentally disabled classmate in gradeschool

* what occupation did you want to do when you were young?

- I wanted to be a teacher

* what was usually written on your report card?

- My teachers would usually say that I was good at writing, adding something that “needs improvement” in my attitude to balance it out.

* what were you often scolded at in your childhood?

- I do not finish my food or that I took too much time eating

* what’s your strong and weak subject when you were a student?

- I excelled in English (and Filipino) but sucked at Math (I guess I started to become afraid of math early on)

* what was the happiest thing you did as a child?

- play with my siblings or play pretend alone

* what kind of cartoons did you watch as a child?

- Tagalog dubbed anime shown on TV (Sailormoon, Yuyu Hakusho, Princess Sarah, Samurai X)

* what do you like most about your home?

- we’re on a corner lot with lots of trees

* is there a custom that is unique to your household?

- we usually buy or cook special food to remember birth and death anniversaries of lolo, lola, and tito.

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 * what is the biggest mistake or most trouble you faced so far?

- when I resigned from my last job

* do you have a habit or something you’re particular about that you yourself find strange?

- it has to be tomato ketchup or else I won’t eat the dish that needs a ketchup dip

* what is the biggest misunderstanding you have ever made in your life?

- I would usually interpret guy’s special attention to me as “something else” and go on full on kuudere mode.

* what was immediately the first challenge you tried when you became an adult?

- I don’t really remember because my parents still treat me like a kid even after I became 18. The first time I felt like I was an adult was when I opened up my own bank account. 

* what was the occasion that has made you hyped up to an unbelievable level?

- anything Maichard related

* tell us a secret that you don’t want people to know about.

- I haven’t held a steady job ever since I graduated from college.

* what’s the weird habit you’ve just noticed because other people tell you about it.

- I pout when I am harrassed/stressed

* who do you want to meet right now?

- Maine Mendoza

* According to your standard of time, what time does the morning start? When does the night start?

- morning starts at 10 am; night starts at 10 pm

* what do you do when if you are in bed already but cannot sleep?

- read Maichard fanfics

* from all the presents you got, what made you the most confused?

- a notebook with a personal note from a male classmate back in gradeschool

* “I have a ______ fetish.” Tell us what it is.

- bubble butt

* Do you have a superstitious habit?

- not really but I cannot throw or give away my grandmother’s old clothes (even if I cannot wear them)

* What is your usual clothing?

- black and white casual pieces (a shirt and pants with white sneakers)

* If this thing is lost, I would panic: a) wallet, b) cellphone, c) housekeys

- wallet because my IDs are there and are difficult to replace.

* what’s the first thing you do when you get home?

- change into pambahay clothes

* Is there anything you bought after searching very hard for it but never used at all?

- I have coats and thick dresses that I store, intending to wear them in Japan 

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 Questions that were asked in the japanese variety show "Domoto Kyoudai" "Domoto Ichimon Ittou" segment. Thought I'd give the questions a try. It's harder than it looks.

* when is your birthdate and place of birth

- March 12 1989, at a children’s hospital in Quezon City, Philippines

* Is there a food/drink you love so much you could live on forever eating/drinking it?

- mangoes! Both ripe and unripe and in any variety

* what is something you’ve helped yourself to as a treat?

- a big bag of potato chips

* is there anything that makes your character change completely?

- watching Maine and Alden together (ang haroooot!)

* what is the one thing you can’t stand?

- when other people shove their opinions and values down your throat

* what is the skill you’re good at and wouldn’t lose out to anyone?

- is procrastination a skill?

* is there any belief that you believe in?

- I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior

* what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

- stretch my limbs

* what’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

- put on an eye mask

* what is the one thing you do daily without fail?

- play with our dog

* what is your most essential item?

- my laptop

* is there anything you are weak at that no matter what, you just cannot do?

- play a musical instrument (I’ve no patience!)

* What is that irreplaceable thing in your life?

- family and our dogs

* what is your favorite phrase?

- “Nakakaloka!”

* what is your charm point?

- my wit?

* are you collecting anything now?

- YASSS!!! Aldub magazines!

* favorite part of your body?

- my legs

* what do you hate about yourself?

- I let my insecurities and fears get the better of me

* is there anything you do everyday to keep yourself healthy?

- I’m trying to drink more water daily

* what song do you sing when you are feeling excited in karaoke?

- I don’t go to karaokes but if I had to, I’d probably sing a Spice Girls song (Stop)

* what’s your kitchen specialty?

- Yakisoba

* what’s your source of energy?

- Maichard

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 Random Things about Me

1. I LOVE MAICHARD and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that thay’re destined to meet each other and change the other’s life for the better.

2. I STOPPED WEARING COLOR. My go to outfits only consist of black and white pieces since the latter part of 2014. (Except when I have to attend weddings. I would sometimes wear a hint of color though in my accessories)


4. NBSB. And proud of it.


* My writing pen has to be Pilot G-tec-C3 point 0.3 mm, black ink

* I only eat tomato ketchup

* there has to be a potato side dish when I eat a sandwich/burger

* there has to be a hot drink when I eat a pastry or bread and vice versa

* my fork and spoon has to be a set



7. Before Maichard came into my life that fateful day in August 2015, Arashi was my life.

8. Just as I made an LJ account for Arashi, I made a twitter and instagram account for the love of Maichard. (Twitter party!)

9. I’m a fashionista but I don’t know how to wear make up. (I don’t even know the basic thing about make up. What in the world is a bb cream?)

10. I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD…but I’m not into Ramen.

11. I LOVE XIAO LONG BAO (because of Arashi and Gackt)


              * an amusement park

              * a bar/night club

              * the beach (to swim/tan)

              * outside of the country

              * high end malls

              * a mountain hike



14. I cut off social media ties from acquaintances to become a full time fan girl (LOL)

15. Got heart broken when the only real couple among my peers broke up after years of being #goals

16. I don’t know how to:

* PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. In fact, I’m the only one not musically inclined among my siblings. But someday, I’d like to learn how to play the piano.

* PLAY A SPORT. I have horrible hand-eye coordination. Wish I knew a martial art though.

*PLAY COMPUTER GAMES. Although I love anime (and some animes are based on computer games or have been turned into a game), I never got into it.


              * when people say “dialect” when they mean “regional language”

              * when people litter in public places without care

              * when people say/write “stuffs” and “foods”

              * bashing just for the heck of it

              * ad hominem

              * over using the term “millenials” just to sound cool

              * single shaming (any kind of shaming)

19. I actually don’t like coffee (though I drink it because there’s usually no other choice for a hot drink). And I don’t like hanging out in cafes.

20. I have WARDROBE COLOR CHALLENGES every quarter (like I’d wear something green for 3 months or red plaid for a month). And I DON’T WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT TWICE, since my senior year in college. (Not that anyone would take note of it).

21. Ultimate bucket list item: Go to Japan

22. I love the color blue, cats, butterflies and the moon (I’d love items with any of these details)

23. I’m obsessed with RED PLAID and BLACK & WHITE HOUNDSTOOTH prints

24. As much as possible, I stay away from trends. I don’t want to look like everyone else. (When everyone started wearing off shoulder tops, I stopped wearing it.)

25. I proudly wear my grandmother’s old vintage clothes.

26. I paint old shoes and shirts.

27. I’m a reformed grammar natzi (gratzi?). I automatically edit grammar and spelling in my head.

28. My penmanship is really small. My professors in college would often tell me to write bigger in my exams.


30. I am easy to distract and de-motivate. That’s why I hardly get anything done.

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I am 24 years old. *bow* how did that happen?
I've still so many things to do for school and church, but I just have to take this moment to stop and thank the Lord. He is just so good to me--from my spiritual walk and growth, to my ministry and discipleship, to my acads and career path, and even in my fandoms.

Thank you Lord. I cannot thank you enough. My heart can't help but sing.

*You are Lord of the heavens and Lord of my life.
Lord of the Land and the seas
You are Lord of creation before there was time.
Lord of all Lords you will be.

I bow down, and I worship You Lord
I bow down, and I worship You Lord
I bow down, and I worship You Lord
Lord of all Lords You will be.*

As I celebrate another year of Your faithfulness, I also remember Japan in prayer. 2 years have passed since the Tohoku disaster happened, and things are not back to normal in the affected areas. I pray for Your mercy and Your presence Lord. Japan may not be a Christian nation, but  it is still Yours. I pray for wisdom for the nation's leaders and policy makers, for the healers (doctors, therapists) to have a compassionate heart to journey with the survivors still reeling from the loss and fear. Lord, please help Japan. I do not know what to pray for, but I know that You are the only one who could help. Help Lord.
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I failed my personal challenge of writing one entry per day for the month of March. I can't believe how busy I am. 

My day started really lousy. Then I slept, after telling God how lousy I felt. Then when I read birthday greetings from my facebook wall, I felt better. Thank God for friends and family.

I have a report (again) and another one tomorrow. And a stat homework. And meetings. Urgh.

Happy Birthday to me.

Yey! Ensemble!

Monday, 20 June 2011 21:03
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holidays, bonding opportunities, blessings in disguise... )
to be continued...
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Even though you are not my ichiban (not even my niban), you frank nature and sharp tongue is really endearing. Looking forward to more ohmiya moments! 
<3 <3 <3
first day of class is in a few hours, and my biggest concern is "what do I wear?!"

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I tried curling my hair with rollers but  since my hair was still wet, it failed big time. Super major fail. But at least I wasn't late for class.


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