catatonic_17: (Default) now my favorite actor. I can't put into words how captivating his screen presence is. He really makes it easy to fall in love with the characters he plays. Or maybe I'm just infatuated with him. But honestly, he is a great actor, really intense. I hope I can find more of his movies (especially the older ones). And I hope that he stays in love with acting, and his management takes real good care of him. I want to see him play more interesting roles.

And I pray that he would take better care of his health and stop smoking. (and find that woman meant to share his life with him)

He is really a sweetheart. I've been reading his interviews, and I'm surprised to read that he is actually a very private preson (kinda like Leehom). He would rather stay at home and play games/surf the net on his free time. And stay with his family. <3 I feel like he is still that young half-japanese-half-taiwanese boy, bullied in school, unsure of where he belongs. Even after all the fame and the acclaim, he is still down to earth, a son to his parents. At least, that's my impression of him. He is a celebrity in every sense of the word )a superstar even), but he wants to be just "Takeshi."

He shared a funny experience with fans in one of his interviews. When his fans saw him, they started screaming, asked him to sign something, and go off and fangirl some more with their friends, abruptly leaving him alone, "I am left there standing as a dumb, and no one comes up to talk about anything else." (interview) Awww...but I could understand what could be going on in their minds: "Ah! It's Kaneshiro-samaaaa~ bdhcbciuhrvnjgcyudbmwkjeciocn *mind blacks out*" Well, that's probably what would go on in mine. Running towards him to ask for his signature would simply be my body moving on its own. I wouldn't dare to take up more of his time (and chat him up), having ambushed him like that.

This TIME mag interview sheds light into his "personal rootlessness" and how it has helped him be a chameleon on screen. Makes sense that he can be as convincing in a Japanese series as he is in a Hongkong or Chinese big budget epic. No matter what role he takes, no matter what nationality, he delivers. And the stranger, quirkier the role, the more it fits him. Can't wait to see what he plays next.


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