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In this episode, Karma is at work. Sinag channels Maine Mendoza and makes waves in the internet and Benjie gets back together with his two-timing ex (they deserve each other; Marjorie does not even qualify as a thirdwheel, why are we still keeping her???). Benjie gets everything he’s ever wanted and it doesn’t make him happy (hooray for karma). Big changes are introduced because apparently, two years have passed.


Sinag looks through her phone (which is actually Ninay’s phone) and deletes pictures of Benjie (why does Ninay’s phone have those pictures taken from Benjie’s phone? Maybe he passed it to Ninay?). She goes on a tirade about false hope and ends up taking a video of her hugot monologue, as a montage shows how her job hunting went…along with Benjie’s day at Rosales Development (another compare and contrast. While Sinag faces rejection after rejection, Benjie is applauded for his work). And her posted rant becomes the hottest video among the disenfranchised work force.

The next morning, Badong tries to walk again, with the support of his grandparents (what is his last name?), and Sinag, who just arrived, rushes to help them (because that is the point of his injury, to get Sinag in the same frame). Sally and the whole family (with Nana Puring and niece) comes out to excitedly congratulate Sinag for her Maine Mendoza moment: Madamdamin’s gone viral and has been invited for a radio interview.   

She so shows up for the interview in satin and glitter and the radio person who talked to her gives an offer to be part of her show. And that is how DJ Sunshine comes to invade Metro Manila waves.


She comes back only to find Badong is the only one left at home. So he gets an excuse to be hugged by the ecstatic Sinag who is thrilled that not only has she found a job, she is back in her element: being a DJ. They have a moment and of course it is broken by the abrupt arrival of their family. Sinag finally gets to tell them the big news and they celebrate, sponsored by Nana Puring.  

Benjie and Jason are back on the night scene, and Jason desperately does his wingman duty to a disinterested Benjie (it’s so sleazy that he is checking out random ladies like a piece of meat). Our reformed chickboy scolds Jason and tells him “Can’t we just hangout and chill?” And that’s when they bump into Trish the ex, who acts as if she didn’t cheat on Benjie. Benjie leaves and she goes after him (wow. They really are made for each other. They both betrayed the ones they “love” and act as if they are entitled to have their excuses heard). She even says, “Did I say anything to offend you?” (wow. Her lack of remorse is amazing. Oo nga naman Benjie. She already said sorry. Stop making her suffer. *eye rolls* And just in case the sarcasm is lost on you, what she’s doing to you and what you did to Sinag) Oh look. The irony is not lost on him. Maybe there’s hope for this reformed @ss****.  And so because he is also a guilt-ridden jerk, he reluctantly agrees to be “okay” with another guilty jerk.  

The celebration at Nana Puring’s house is in full swing, everyone is celebrating DJ Sunshine, and Sinag starts counting the chicks before the eggs hatch. Nana Puring interjects and I think it was her subtle reminder for them to not forget her. Infected by Sinag’s surge of optimism, Sol and Sally also share their dreams.

The next day, we witness Sinag’s first day back on a radio booth and she nails it.


And then we go into a huge time skip. Sinag goes from a mere bitplayer on an established radio pairing to having her own show. She’s now dressed like Maine and gets reunited with Ninay and Arman. Benjie, on the other hand, is no longer a lovestruck zombie, becoming serious about his work (because apparently only focused people would go overtime). Sinag now has tarpaulin waving fans and Benjie moves in to his new office. And lest we forget and rejoice, yes, Marjorie is still there. Still dressed like the Rosales Development office is a club.

And then we get the “two years after” scroll to explain why and how the Obispos get to move in to their own house. Sally’s hair is dyed bubble gum pink (cuz she’s an artist ya’ll) and Badong can stand on his own.

Benjie, on the other hand, looks douchier than ever. He’s seated at a restaurant table working on his laptop (because cafes are for bit players. Real successful people do their work-from-home in upscale restaurants). Sinag walks into the same restaurant, and we get a scene of them turning, as if they just crossed each other’s paths again before the show cuts into a commercial. But Benjie’s smile is a dead giveaway.  


But no, they’re meeting different people. Sinag is meeting her universe’s version of Jenny Ferre, and Benjie is meeting with Trish (because he got back together with her, they deserve one another after all). Sinag is getting a first glimpse of her own book cover samples and Benjie gets a pep talk before he goes on to make a huge company presentation.

So he presents the team’s plans for Pelangi (he is building the very same things that Sinag and her family are strongly against) and he gets applause. His grandfather is impressed and Catalina successfully hides her disdain.  

As Sinag is greeted by Maineatics, she gets fetched by Badong, driving a sleek car. She vehemently squashes any suspicion that Badong was her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Benjie gets another ego boost from Trish after giving his most important presentation (notice that his mom is absent in this important event: his girlfriend has nothing to do with company matters but she’s given prime seats). Lolo Vicente (yes, Lolo Vicente. Benjie has now earned the right to call him lolo) congratulates his grandson for impressing rich people and convincing them to give them more money.

At the sidelines, Catalina is b****ing to Marjorie and unlike Elton, she sides with the upstart. When Marjorie goes on delulu mode and says she is prettier than the girlfriend Trish, Catalina wordlessly gives her a put down (and THIS is why I love Catalina, despite her criminality).

There’s a celebratory dinner, of course, and Don Vicente keeps heaping praises on his “humble” grandson (for some reason Marjorie also gained the privilege of being seated with the first family). And he singlehandedly gives Catalina a crushing blow to the ego when he proclaims that “the company will be in good hands when you take over” (I am flabbergasted. What has Catalina been doing in the last two years for this to happen?). Even when Catalina attempts to put it off as a joke but Vicente delivers another slap on the face when he said, “Now that Benjie is here, I think I can retire earlier.” (Translation: Catalina is not an heiress he can entrust the company with with no worries). She gives a practiced smile to hide her vexation.   

Because this is a teleserye, the lead cannot be 100% happy. A contrived situation allows Benjie to remember that he is a douchebag: the berries in their cake was originally made from the Pelangi raspberries…the same berries Sinag introduced to him. But unfortunately, the farm closed. (gee, Benjie and Catalina, I wonder why? *eye rolls*) When Benjie told her he didn’t eat raspberries, Jason’s cough could’ve gone with the subtitle “b*ll$***.” Trish puts him on the spot again by bringing up marriage, because the clubhouse in Pelangi is beautiful. Because in her delusional mind, two years is enough for her betrayal to be completely forgotten. (Now she can go from a cheating girlfriend of a poor struggling college boy to a cheating wife of a rich and successful businessman and heir! I know I am too harsh but you cannot ignore how ridiculous this is. And the next episode kinda gives support to this cynical opinion).


Random thoughts

* Super belated random thought. I just realized that the Sinag we saw on the first episode's opening montage is the DJ Sunshine she'll turn into two years later. Hence the styled hair. 

* Maine would make an awesome rapper. She has rhythm and good timing and enunciation.  

* While Sinag’s rants online are funny and relatable, it’s really not a wise move. If you were an employer and you saw this prospective employee raving and ranting online, you’d think twice before employing her. In a professional sense, you won’t see a funny viral video but a possible liability. The employer would be thinking, what would stop her from ranting about me and my company?

* For a family that is still struggling to get back on their feet, they sure have pretty high end phones.

* Awwww…Menggay is so adorable. That’s the smile and jubilation that ADN would fight to protect.

* I cannot wait for a DJ Sunshine and DJ Mae face-off with DJ Bae caught in the crossfire. Or DJ Sunshine and DJ Mae could gang up on DJ Bae.

* Alden is soooo effin good. His face wasn’t even on the screen but his closed fist was enough to convey his emotions.  

* I have a feeling that Sol will be hooking up with Nana Puring’s niece soon. Law of proximity (I just made that up).

* I’m giving the writers a benefit of the doubt: I think the reason why Marjorie is still on the show (aside from being the subject of disdain without making the perpetrators feel bad about it), is because she will change. She’ll end up being an unexpected ally of Benjie against Catalina. Because you know how kontrabidas would turn into desperate all-out criminals when they reach this part of the plot. Careful planning and subtlety is thrown out the window and they end up leaving breadcrumbs of their crimes. And in an effort to cover up, they turn to murder. And Marjorie will end up being one, if not the first, of the many victims of Catalina. And because we are no longer in Pelangi, police will investigate and the media would cover it.  

* I feel so bad for Catalina. My heart is breaking for her. It’s so unfair! It’s no wonder she resorts to underhanded and criminal acts. Don Vicente is unbelievable.  

In conclusion

Two years later, Sinag has transformed to Maine Mendoza and Benjie goes from being a jerk to being a douche, and dressing like one too. Catalina has lost her seat at the table and Badong gets more screen time.

Alden is an awesome actor. Sure, I hate Benjie’s guts and cannot accept that the writers have this agenda to make us pity and sympathize with him. But Alden is too good. His “happiness” in this episode is so vastly different from his contagious joy and glee when he is with Maine. The difference is so obvious that even though he seems to have everything (his grandfather’s praise and acceptance, a successful career, a beautiful classy girlfriend, money), his smiles don’t reach his eyes and his dimple is not as deep. He is sooo good it’s scary.


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