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2017-03-13 04:52 pm

Destined to be yours Episode 6 #DTBYBenjiesPlan

Sinag’s and Benjie’s paths have finally collided, and now their story is going full throttle. In this episode, we’ll see how Benjie continues with his farce as a blogger (with no camera to document his travels) and irritate Sinag to death with his breeziness. And we get to see the beauty of Pelangi as Sinag is forced to tour Benjie around.


Benjie is invited to join the Obispos for dinner, and he wastes no time in complimenting the chef. (I can hear Alden saying, “Kaya ang taba lagi sa screen eh.”) The Obispos gang up on Sinag, taking Benjie’s side.

He sneakily inserts the topic of selling their land to the real estate investors from Manila (which he “heard” from random townsfolk), and Sinag goes on a passionate rant against the Rosaleses.

Nanay Sally asks Sinag to tor Benjie around Pelangi, to show him the beautiful sights she is so passionate about, and to make up for his almost death on the hanging bridge. Sinag has no choice but to comply.


Back at Benjie’s home, Mommy Amanda is eating alone, missing her son. Benjie calls her like he said he would but the signal is bad so they could not talk for long.

Sinag approaches Benjie to apologize for what happened earlier, adding that her father told her to. He accepts her apology and he offers a handshake so they can be “friends.”  (insert the OST as their hand shake lasts longer than it should)


Tatay Teddy shows up to break the handshake. He offers to escort him back to the hotel where he is checked in, and Nanay Sally tells Sinag to come up to their house.


Mommy Amanda spends time in her son’s room, and finds Destiny’s Promise. (We don't know why this is relevant, but the production team won't put so much effort on this scene if it is not important, right?)


Back at Bahay Osbispo, Sinag finds sleep elusive and Tala asks if she is thinking about Kuya Benjie. Of course, Sinag denies it to death, telling her that they cannot be sure if Benjie is genuinely a nice guy. “But what if what he said was true, that it’s destiny that brought him to you?” Tala asks. Sinag answers her sister, “Destiny is not real. Go back to sleep.”

In Bahay Pag-ibig, Benjie shares to Jason his plan on how to get the Obispos to sell their land: destiny. “But you don’t even believe in destiny. You once said that girls are just a distraction for you to reach your dreams.” Jason points out. “But what if destiny is the way for me to fulfill my dreams?” (I really hope tadhana kicks you where it hurts the most, for taking advantage of innocent people.)

The next morning, Tala shakes her big sister awake for a surprise.  After much effort, Sinag dragged out of bed (literally). (From sweet dreams to rude awakenings)


Downstairs, Benjie is seated at the table with the rest of the family. Sleepyhead Sinag (Hustisya naman sa lahat ng di ganyan kagorgeous pag bagong gising) is jolted awake when she realizes that Benjie is seated at their breakfast table, looking like he just stepped out of a magazine. (Cliché but so true). 

Apparently, Benjie bought a small bakery to bring the Obispos breakfast. Although Tatay Teddy tries to not be impressed by the young bedimpled boy, Nanay Sally informs them that he also had the radio antenna repaired. (Di ka na-orient Tatay Teddy?) 

Although Lolo Elvis and Lola Delia are beside themselves with joy that the can broadcast once again, Sinag remains skeptical and asks Benjie where he got the money. He makes up a story about writing about their radio station’s broken antenna, and his readers sending him money. The story could have been plausible, if only they didn’t just meet last night. No matter how popular his "blog" might be, crowd sourcing for funds and withdrawing it would take way way longer than overnight. Sinag has no choice but to thank him for his help, but insists that she would pay him back.

As he waited for Sinag to get changed so she can give him a tour around town, Benjie receives a call from Don Vicente, who sent him the money for the repair of the antenna. He warns Benjie that he better succeed with whatever his plan was because he hated wasting money. (It's like destiny's sleight of hand that the company that rejected Sinag is the same company that provided the funds that to repair the radio antenna.)


While he was on the phone (which surprisingly was not as choppy as last night’s call with his mom), Nanay Sally and Tatay Teddy talk about Benjie and Sally’s warm impression towards the boy. Teddy still has reservations about the newcomer but Sally is convinced that destiny brought him to their lives.

Badong confronts Benjie, and gives him a warning about making Sinag cry. Benjie is unaffected by his threats. Sinag interrupts them to drag Benjie to go sightseeing. Badong looks like a puppy abandoned by its master as he asks Nanay Sally where Sinag was going with Benjie. He could only watch them as they walk further away.

Back at Rosales Development, Catalina talks to her dad about Benjie, who did not tell him why he needed the money. I can’t believe Don Vicente would send him money without a well-drafted proposal on where his money is going. That’s insane, given how calculating Don Vicente’s character is written. Catalina makes such valid points, I want to hug her. Don Vicente goes all soft on Benjie, saying that they should give him the benefit of the doubt. Ugh. I’m with Catalina on this one. 


Back in Pelangi, Sinag attempts to hide from Ninay and Arman, who have yet to meet Benjie. But when her best friends see her, she forces Benjie to crouch and hide behind her umbrella. When they ask her what she was doing alone in the field, she tells them that she was taking a piss (I swear, I am not making this up).


Her best friends finally meet Benjie, and Ninay gushes at his resemblance to Sally’s portrait.


Before Sinag could drag Benjie away from his friends, Ninay asks her how her soulmate transformed into a real person.

Sinag tells Benjie that he should stay away from Ninay because she was crazy and was once bitten by a rabid dog. Arman complains to his grilfriend for not telling him that she was bitten by a dog.


Back in Manila, Amanda is dragged by her friend to ride the “healthy living” business band wagon. Unbeknownst to her, she was heading to the Rosales Development company building. And to make matters worse, she bumps into Don Vicente outside his building. As expected, hurtful words are exchanged. He still blames Amanda for "stealing" Gabriel from them and causing his untimely death. (Wow, Don Vicente, ang tagal mong di maka-move on.)


Benjie and Sinag are in the middle of a forest trail. Sinag tries to scare the city boy by telling him that snakes were common in the area, cobras and vipers included. Although he tries to put on a brave front, he is reduced to a scaredy (albeit breezy) cat when he hears hissing sounds. Sinag berates him for being jumpy, adding that he will not survive in the province if he is easily scared. “You’re afraid of heights, you’re afraid of snakes. Don’t tell me you’re also afraid of me?”

Taking that as a challenge, Benjie leans in closer to Sinag, making the girl back away. (Somebody give these two another toothpaste commercial!)  


Random thoughts

* Jusmiyo! Alden’s dimple is so distracting!


* Oh hello Yago from Carmela! 

* Awww…Both Sinag and Benjie don’t believe in Destiny. I can’t wait for Tadhana to kick them both in the hiney.

* Nakakaloka that there are too many pa-pogi shots of Benjie scattered throughout this episode. Alright, we get it Direk. Benjie is cute and super pogi. It’s like watching a BTS shoot from one of Alden’s print shoots.


* How to tell that Benjie is a Manila boy? He keeps speaking in English in the middle of a Tagaog conversation. (which is kinda irritating)

* If Mr Gardo versoza played a character of a “sculpture-naging-tao,” Alden plays a character that is a “painting naging tao”

* Jusmiyo. Keharot ng dalawang magbibis. With or without script, their harot knows no bounds.

* Ugh, no full-body shot of Catalina’s OOTD. But her LWD is slaying!

In conclusion

Alden as Benjie is adorable. It’s so exciting to see him play a despicable character, which you can’t fully hate because he’s too damn cute. So far, Benjie has yet to show any desirable trait that would make Sinag fall for him. Their kulitan scenes are so natural, because that how they really are offcam. Excited for the next episodes!