Friday, 10 March 2017

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 * if you could return to being a high school student one more time, what would you do?

- I’d really get serious about writing for the school paper

* From tomorrow, you are left on an uninhabited island, list three things you would take with you

- One: lifetime supply of sunblock with the highest SPF (cuz skin cancer is no fun); two: a jungle bolo to cut branches and stuff for shelter and fire; three: waterproof Bible

* If you can transform into an animal for a day, what will it be and how will you manage to live?

- I’d probably a native bird in the city (less chance of being poached) and I’d hang out our house because we have lots of trees and my aunt always leaves dried rice for birds to eat.

* if you can be invisible for one day, what would you do?

- tag-along Maichard’s shooting/taping to see their offcam harutan up close and uncensored. Then I can die happy.

* If God gave you a power, what would it be?

- I’d love to be able to heal people

* If you go back to being a child, what is it you want to do most?

- ask for “pamasko” from all my ninongs and ninangs and save them up in a bank.

* if you turn into a man one morning, what would you do?

- examine myself in front of a full length mirror. 

* if you were to give a lesson to primary school students, what kind of lessons will you teach?

- I’d teach them the importance of caring for the environment. I want to instill in young minds that it is never okay to litter on the ground and waste materials.

* if you could be born again, but not as a human, what do you want to be born as?

- I’d want to be a bird. I want to know what it feels to fly and not worry about food and clothes and shelter.



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