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 * what is that one thing a guy does that you’re really weak against?

- when he plays a musical instrument (guitar, piano, violin). And when he sings.

* what is your ideal guy?

- someone who is not a holier-than-thou practicing Christian

* what is your ideal confession situation?

- since I usually run away at the first sign of guy’s attraction to me, he has to be a trusted guy friend before he can even make a move.

* when you fall in love with someone, do you do everything for that person or do you both respect each other’s space?

- I’d probably do my best to make him feel that I support him 100% in all his endeavors by making myself available for him, when he needs help with something.

* which of the following gifts will make you the happiest?

a) “we’ll always be connected” (a mobile phone just for between the two of you)

b) “come over to my place” (a copy of his keys)

c) “I’ll sing to you the extent of my love” (sings a song to you that he has written and composed)

d) “Although it doesn’t look presentable, it is made with lots of love” (makes dinner, a dish he has never tried cooking before)

- I’ll melt into a puddle of mush if a guy sings a song he made just for me.

* 3 criteria to be your boyfriend

- one, he has to be patient (I can be very infuriating when I get into my moods). Two, he has to be persistent (because I have a tendency of pushing people away and retreating in my hole). And three, my family has to be very close to him.

* What is the heart-throbbing part of a man?

- his biceps

* what kind of manner or speech of a man would make you back off?

- when he treats you with disrespect

* if you were in love, what would you liken yourself to?

- a loyal and all out fan girl

* when was your first love and what kind of man was he?

- in gradeschool. He was smart, funny and very very patient.

* Which part would your eyes fall on when you first meet a guy?

- his clothes, then his hands

* what were the most unreasonable words you have said to a guy?

- “I wanna test your patience.”

* what are the three qualities that would make you fall in love with a man?

- his love and passion for the country and those in need, his passion for God and Bible, and his intellect

* are you the type who would confess to someone or wait to be confessed to?

- definitely will wait to be confessed to

* what is the biggest difference between lovers and male friends?

- the skinship? And the kilig.

* “This guy is unforgiveable!” What makes that kind of man?

- when he hurts a woman. Physical and otherwise.

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 The last episode for the pilot week was aired on Maine’s 22nd birthday (March 03). The perfect day to air the episode when Sinag and Benjie finally meet each other, for real this time. In this episode, we’ll get to see the epic hanging bridge scene. (trivia: Studies have shown that standing on hanging bridges increases the likelihood of falling in love).


The episode starts with the protest rally spearheaded by the Obispos. Along with other artists (who provided them with musical accompaniment), they invite other citizens to join their picket along the road. Although Ninay and Arman are reluctant, they join the rally to support Sinag’s cause.

Benjie makes a quick stop at a clearing to take in his surroundings. He shares to Jason that although he had good memories in this place, he will never forget that this is where his father died. As they return to their cars and head to town, they are greeted with the Obispo’s picket line. Benjjie instructs the driver to avoid the protesters.

In the middle of the protest, Sally gets a psychic premonition. In her vision, she sees the Rosales Development convoy on their way to town. She tells Sinag that her premonition was not good.

Benjie and the people from Rosales Development meet with Mayor (who for some reason always brings his civilian daughter to official meetings. The word "proper decorum" is lost in this man). They talk about the situation in certain barangays and how the Obispos are leading the protest against their plans in the town. Benjie volunteers to talk to the Obispos himself. Although-out the meeting, Marjorie eyes Benjie, making her attraction to him obvious.

Back at Bahay Obispo, Sinag is a bit disappointed at the small turn out of their rally. Ninay informs Sinag that the people from Rosales Development have already arrived at the Mayor’s house. She immediately heads to their place to take her protest right where the enemies are. Before Sinag reaches their place, Benjie and Jason have already left on foot, pretending to be backpackers.

Benjie (by some stroke of luck) ends up finding Bahay Obispo. But his meeting with destiny will have to be delayed because the Obispos were currently asserting their right to peaceful assembly. Sinag gets into a confrontation with Marjorie, who tells them that they were wrong in assuming that people from Rosales Development came to town. Before Benjie roams further and gets a glimpse at his own portrait at the side of their house, Jason whines about resting at the hotel.

Benjie immediately heads out after checking in, to do sight inspection. Jason turns down his “invitation” to explore the place, choosing cellphone signal over work. The Obispos and squad come home disappointed once again. Sinag suspects that people from Rosales Development were going to do some underhanded move to convince their neighbors to sell their properties without the Obispos knowing. She’s adamant in making their plight viral, and starts looking for Sol who was in charge of spreading it on social media.  

So where is Sol? We find the lover boy sitting on a bench with a girl, listening to music (which of course is the DTBY OST). Benjie happens to pass them by as he explores the area.

Benjie sits down the grass, studies his design sketches for the area, when a random dog (which totally looks clean and well-groomed) approaches him and runs off with his precious notebook. He runs after the dog, which deposited the said notebook in Sinag’s hands…in the middle of a hanging bridge.

As Sinag inspects the notebook, Benjie appears and asks her to give it back. But because of his uncanny resemblance to her mother’s painting from her vision, Sinag freaks out, thinking she’s seeing an apparition. Benjie tries to get the notebook but it falls from Sinag’s hands. Attempting to catch it, Benjie almost falls off the bridge. Sinag helps him (while he starts saying his last will) up and he faints on top of her.       


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