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 * what is the biggest mistake or most trouble you faced so far?

- when I resigned from my last job

* do you have a habit or something you’re particular about that you yourself find strange?

- it has to be tomato ketchup or else I won’t eat the dish that needs a ketchup dip

* what is the biggest misunderstanding you have ever made in your life?

- I would usually interpret guy’s special attention to me as “something else” and go on full on kuudere mode.

* what was immediately the first challenge you tried when you became an adult?

- I don’t really remember because my parents still treat me like a kid even after I became 18. The first time I felt like I was an adult was when I opened up my own bank account. 

* what was the occasion that has made you hyped up to an unbelievable level?

- anything Maichard related

* tell us a secret that you don’t want people to know about.

- I haven’t held a steady job ever since I graduated from college.

* what’s the weird habit you’ve just noticed because other people tell you about it.

- I pout when I am harrassed/stressed

* who do you want to meet right now?

- Maine Mendoza

* According to your standard of time, what time does the morning start? When does the night start?

- morning starts at 10 am; night starts at 10 pm

* what do you do when if you are in bed already but cannot sleep?

- read Maichard fanfics

* from all the presents you got, what made you the most confused?

- a notebook with a personal note from a male classmate back in gradeschool

* “I have a ______ fetish.” Tell us what it is.

- bubble butt

* Do you have a superstitious habit?

- not really but I cannot throw or give away my grandmother’s old clothes (even if I cannot wear them)

* What is your usual clothing?

- black and white casual pieces (a shirt and pants with white sneakers)

* If this thing is lost, I would panic: a) wallet, b) cellphone, c) housekeys

- wallet because my IDs are there and are difficult to replace.

* what’s the first thing you do when you get home?

- change into pambahay clothes

* Is there anything you bought after searching very hard for it but never used at all?

- I have coats and thick dresses that I store, intending to wear them in Japan 

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I still cannot get over A&M’s live chat last Wednesday, March 01. I’m starting to think that it really is possible to die of too much kilig. What a way to start this Maine’s birthday month.

In today’s Destined to Be Yours episode, we finally meet the cold Rosales patriarch (Vicente) and her colder daughter (Catalina),  Sinag gets a taste of how different the urban jungle is to her small home town, almost meetings, and Nanay Sally gets a psychic premonition of Sinag’s soul mate (which she draws on a wall of their house).

Recap (with screencaps galore)

After the short recap from yesterday’s episode, we are greeted with Benjie sporting KS Alden’s “dalaw-mansyon” OOTD.

Mommy Amanda is all support for her son, handing him his coat so he could be dapper in his job interview, despite knowing that he is still trying out for a job at Rosales Development. She even went out of her way to confirm his scheduled interview for the said company on behalf of his son.

And with an elated face like this, how can you say no? Nothing beats Benjie’s happy hug.

Mommy Amanda assures Benjie that she will always be there for him, and he assures her back that he will never leave her.

Shift to Sinag and friends in Badong’s rented van, singing along while en route to Manila. (What is up with Badong’s seat belt?) In fairness to Sinag, she knows Waze and trusts the app to make her way around Metro Manila. (ahahaha. Sinag points out how useless the seat belt of the van is)

In a taxi cab, Benjie is excitedly gazes at his lucky pocket watch (which shows the time 10:55. Either the timepiece is just for show or Benjie is just too excited for his 2 PM meeting).

Of course, it would turn out that Sinag and Benjie are heading to the same destination.

Sinag and Benjie bump into each other but before they can get a glimpse of each other’s faces, Lola Helen comes out to greet her long estranged apo. Looks like the reunion of the childhood friends are re-scheduled to make way for this filial reunion.

While the Rosaleses have a mini reunion, Sinag struggles with the receptionist. In an attempt to get past the “no appointment, no entry” rule, Sinag pretends to be Benjie’s secretary.

Of course it doesn’t work. And Sinag is soon escorted out the building.

Benjie finally meets his grandfather and tita Catalina. As expected the atmosphere is cold and unwelcoming.

He gets grilled about his credentials, but Benjie shows that he has balls. (of course he has to slowly remove his glasses to show he means business). And defends the way his mother single-handedly raised him.

Back downstairs, Sinag doesn’t know the word “give up’ so she tries to sneak in again. Only to be dragged out again.

Despite his grandfather’s initial put downs, Benjie is accepted to the company. But not before issuing a challenge to the young Rosales to prove him wrong, that he is not fit to be in the company. The fulfillment of his dream to be part of his grandfather’s company is bittersweet. He's hired into the company but not accepted into the family.

Sinag is dragged off back to her van, where her friends defend her from the building guard who was ensuring that she leaves. Her friends still stand by her despite wasting a whole day (and gas and van rental) on a futile mission.

Lola Helen comforts Benjie after Don Vicente and Catalina leave. Benjie takes out the pocket watch to check the time. Lola Helen tells Benjie the origin of the pocket watch and what happened with his father and grandfather. (Although I feel like Lola Helen embellished the part about Don Vicente regretting his actions towards his estranged son). “Your Lolo sees Gabriel in you. It’s like our son lives again in you,” Lola Helen tells Benjie.

Again, no lines, but Alden nails this scene with just his eyes and his hand clasping his grandmother’s hands.

Sinag is back in Pelangi and mournfully tells his parents about her failed mission. Her family decides contribute in small ways to help Sinag repair the antenna.

Sally suddenly gets the psychic premonition and tells Sinag that she just saw her soulmate.

Of course, Sinag chooses to be skeptical about it. “Soulmate? Soulmates are not real. If destiny is real, that each one has someone predestined to be theirs, then show me some proof. Because it’s hard to place your hopes on something non-existent. It’s actually better to believe in ghosts because at least, they make their presence felt.” While Sinag goes on her monologue, Benjie starts his first day at the company. (WHAT’S WITH HIM AND TIGHT TROUSERS???)

Tita Catalina shows Benjie his desk and assigns him to work under a senior architect (who she instructs to give the boy a hard time). She also leaves him a warning. “Do your wok well, Benjie. Or else I myself would tell them to fire you even though you are a Rosales.”  

Nanay Sally, hit by inspiration, paints the vision she saw on a wall in their house. She is in the zone, so despite not eating or drinking, she doesn’t feel tired until she finishes her painting.

Oh hey, bestfriend Jason also got accepted to the company. Despite not making it to the top 10 board passers. The new hires are given an orientation of sorts, where they are basically told that no matter how good they are, they can easily be replaced. Wow. How encouraging (*eyerolls*) Turns out Jason knows that Benjie is related to the owner of the company, and Benjie tells him that he is not accepted by his family, making his blood relation more of a disadvantage.  

And oh hey! Bestfriend Tadhana is on the move again. Turns out the big project the company is taking on is going to be centered on Pelangi, Sinag’s hometown. (Yes, it’s in Quezon) It’s so funny that Jason is briefing Benjie when they just came from a briefing about the same project. Looks like someone’s not paying attention during meetings.

Nanay Sally is still at it Sinag’s short flashback reveals that her mother has always had moments like this, when inspiration hits her and she can’t help but paint. (in fairness, the painting looks like the Alden’s statue in Concha’s QC.)

Sinag shows her skeptical self and her mom insists that he’s really her soulmate. Her sister gushes that the man in the painting may just be the man Sinag marries. Her dad protests, saying she’s too young and Sinag assures him that the thought of marriage is the farthest thing in her mind, since she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. She adds that her little brother may tie the knot before her, who just came home. His excuse for coming home late? He was looking for his inspiration.

Sinag scrutinizes her so-called destiny’s face. “That’s my soulmate? Too handsome. Too perfect. I’m sure that this is merely imagined. And even if this is real, that face looks like someone who is an expert at hurting girls’ feelings.” Spoken by a real cynic. But she can’t help but be impressed by his cuteness.    

Preview of the next episode

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Random thoughts

* That astonished look on Benjie’s face when he found out that his mother is finally giving him her support. Priceless.

* What I love about A’s role as Benjie is that we get to see how affectionate he is to his mother (which he is in real life). It’s such a treat to see grown men so unabashedly affectionate toward their mothers.

* Another kalyeserye reference. Benjie wears a blue long sleeved polo with dark jeans while Sinag wears something striking red during their first “meeting.” Just like A&M’s ootds during the iconic September 26, 2015 dalaw mansyon episode.

* IYAM (Imagine You and Me) car scene reference!!!

* Wahhh sobrang lapiiiit!

* Aren’t there other companies or NGOs in the Metro that Sinag could consider instead? There are so many organizations who are willing to support local non-government radio stations.  

* I love Sinag’s narration. “They say that you should find love. But sometimes, love itself ends up finding you. It’s like playing hide-and-seek. The only question is whether you’re the ‘it’ or I am.”

* Donya Helen is like one of the many lola fangirls of Alden in real life.

* Slay the power suit Catalina!

* Although Don Vicente’’s character is written as someone cold and rude, he makes a lot of sense. Nepotism is not an admirable business practice. Even without the tragic background, Don Vicente should be tough on the young architect, so he won’t take his position in the company for granted.

* Every episode, Maine keeps proving to us how she has improved acting wise. And this scene where she is dragged out of the building is just awesome.

* And every episode, we get treated to Alden’s puppy dog eyes. Different emotions, same set of eyes.

* In fairness, despite their poverty, they can afford to color and maintain their hair.

* We are also treated with a fine shot of M’s fave body part on A.

* Ugh. This Elton guy’s diction is horrendous.

* When Sinag, after seeing the painting, says, “I don’t think I’ve seen him in manila,” I just had to snicker because A’s face is plastered all over the Metro, in billboards and bus ads.

In conclusion

It was a treat to see Alden nail that scene with Lola Helen. And Maine once again showed us how perfect her comic timing is. And those easter eggs scattered in the episode, intentional references or not. Benjie is finally heading out to Pelangi! Can’t wait to watch the next episodes!!! 


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