Sunday, 5 March 2017

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 Questions that were asked in the japanese variety show "Domoto Kyoudai" "Domoto Ichimon Ittou" segment. Thought I'd give the questions a try. It's harder than it looks.

* when is your birthdate and place of birth

- March 12 1989, at a children’s hospital in Quezon City, Philippines

* Is there a food/drink you love so much you could live on forever eating/drinking it?

- mangoes! Both ripe and unripe and in any variety

* what is something you’ve helped yourself to as a treat?

- a big bag of potato chips

* is there anything that makes your character change completely?

- watching Maine and Alden together (ang haroooot!)

* what is the one thing you can’t stand?

- when other people shove their opinions and values down your throat

* what is the skill you’re good at and wouldn’t lose out to anyone?

- is procrastination a skill?

* is there any belief that you believe in?

- I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior

* what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

- stretch my limbs

* what’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

- put on an eye mask

* what is the one thing you do daily without fail?

- play with our dog

* what is your most essential item?

- my laptop

* is there anything you are weak at that no matter what, you just cannot do?

- play a musical instrument (I’ve no patience!)

* What is that irreplaceable thing in your life?

- family and our dogs

* what is your favorite phrase?

- “Nakakaloka!”

* what is your charm point?

- my wit?

* are you collecting anything now?

- YASSS!!! Aldub magazines!

* favorite part of your body?

- my legs

* what do you hate about yourself?

- I let my insecurities and fears get the better of me

* is there anything you do everyday to keep yourself healthy?

- I’m trying to drink more water daily

* what song do you sing when you are feeling excited in karaoke?

- I don’t go to karaokes but if I had to, I’d probably sing a Spice Girls song (Stop)

* what’s your kitchen specialty?

- Yakisoba

* what’s your source of energy?

- Maichard



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