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 Finally the fandom's wait is long over. We get to see Maine and Alden on a prime time series. Even if it took Alden 2 or 3 years (his last prime time series was Illustrado in the later part of 2014) to come back to his element, the wait was worth it. If industry rumors are to be believed, he turned down several projects for his comeback because Maine will not be his onscreen partner.  And Maine, she has proven that she did not take this role for granted. Despite her personal opinion that she cannot do drama, she delivered it each and every scene that pull at the heart strings. For a newbie, she was able to jive with seasoned veterans (like Gardo Versoza and Nova Villa). In vernacular, kaya niyang makipagsabayan. Hindi siya nilamon ng screen presence ng mga co-stars niya. Most of the pilot episode revolved around SInag and her family and Maine was able to showcase her acting chops.

To know more about the plot and characters, head over here

Recap of the Episode (with screen caps galore!)

the hand of destiny at work )

Oh and they would happen to overhear the same song (the drama's OST) from a random passenger's headphones.

about Sinag )

DJ Sunshine ready to give you your daily dose of hugot

about a boy )eboy o ebak )

Eboy o ebak? Boys who break young girls' hearts are worse than horse poop

Mr Dream Boy )
Your dream boy who will design your dream house
About Benjie and DJ Sunshine )
Benjie and his pemily )Sinag and her pemily )
While Sinag comforts her Dad, Benjie still misses his
The two pemilies )
The Obispos vs the Rosaleses


Next Episode's preview:

abangan )

Random thoughts in bullets:

* Mystery 1: The case of the missing eye glasses during the train scene. 

the perfect toothpaste commercial smile
Now you see it...now you don't 

* It's so cute that Sinag's grandfather's name is "Lolo Doro," in reference to Kalyeserye's Lola Nidora.

*Although the meeting-in-childhood (and getting saved by a young boy) is a cliche, it works because it shows the hand of destiny at work. The story presents the theory that you could've already met the one destined for you, but because it isn't the right time for your story to unfold, you will go on separate paths until the right time comes for your paths to cross again. That's how Nicomaine and Richard's story played out. They met 5 years prior to their July 16, 2015 splitscreen meeting in EB.

* The location for the drama is soooo picturesque. Instagram worthy. Sinag lives in a museum! How awesome is that. And the art works are all divine. Hope we get to meet who the artists are behind the artworks. They deserve the love as well. 

Bahay Obispo and Nana Puring's Art Gallery (Heritage)

* When young Sinag and young Benjie shared the same spoon to eat ice scrambol. That is soooo Alden and Maine. Laway exchange program!

SinJie vs ALDUB Laway Exchange Program
(ALDUB screenshot ctto musingsofasolomum.wordpress.com)

* When the random puppy crossed young Sinag and young Benjie's path on the way to her house, she immediately forgot her worries of never finding her family again and rushes to run after the stray dog (who may or may not have rabies).

* I don't get why they had to add the scene where the kids fall and play in the river. (because it wouldn't be memorable if they were able to reach her home without any incident? or to showcase the beauty of the location?) 

* Or was it to establish that Sinag was mischievous even as a kid? When she fell in the pond, she made it look like she was drowning, only to pull young Benjie into the shallow water with her.

* Mystery 2: How did young Benjie's white shirt stay white after falling into a natural pond?

* Benjie, already breezy at such a young age. He already had his arm around Sinag without even exchanging names. (as if your one skinny arm around her will help to ward off the chill of the night breeze)

* Fist bump: sign that you'll be friends forever. Never mind if you never got each other's names and other basic information.

* So weird that the DTBY theme is played from a vinyl record. Vintage song?

* Loved that so far, all the characters are written realistically. These are people you'll most likely meet in life. And the challenges they face are relatable (highschool heart breaks, artists' struggling with finances, a father and artist burdened by the injury of his hands in an accident, a son quietly dealing with the sudden loss of his father).

* Sinag's radio show features the love story of couples in their community. Just like in Eat Bulaga's Kap's book of amazing true love stories (only minus the bitter Sinag).

* Although Alden claimed that he got rusty when it came to acting, his scenes were a delight to watch. Especially that scene were he gazed at his deceased father's picture. No monologue. It only lasted a few seconds (19 to be exact) but it delivered the right emotions. We also discover that behind Benjie's happy-go-lucky confident facade is a young boy still longing for his father.

* I have a feeling the scene where Benjie had a convo with his bestfriend was shot when Alden was sick.

* My heart twitched when I heard Benjie call his mom. It's been so long since Alden had an opportunity to call out "Ma."

* Sinag's younger siblings are adorable comic reliefs  

* TBH, medyo awkward yung musical scoring.

* It's a known fact that Alden could cry at a drop of a hat, with tears filling and rimming his puppy dog eyes before dropping in neat trails. But Meng could easily catch up to him when it comes to crying. She's a fast learner. She could cry out loud like a kid and quietly shed tears like a natural.

* And I love the contrast: Sinag reluctant to let go of Destiny's Promise while Benjie is delighted to see the piece

In conclusion...
It was a pilot episode that was worth the wait. Technically, a lot can be improved on, but story-wise it had a solid plot. There are so many contact points between Sinag and Benjie, so many shared histories, and yet they meet in such an unexpected way. Can't wait to meet the rest of the cast for the plot to thicken.

possible points of major conflict between the SinJie CP:
* when Sinag finds out that Benjie intends to buy their property for the company, to gain his grandfather's approval and acceptance
* when Benjie finds out that his father died saving Sinag's dad


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