Sunday, 12 February 2017

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I made this account back in September 2013. And now, I'm back here again! Yey! A new home. Hopefully I can be more active in writing in this new and re-vamped home. (still keeping mhy LJ though)

Can I have a moment to just gush over how adorable my DW account's theme is? Even though I am not a coffee person, I've been living on coffee and coffee-munchies for the past year so yeah! More coffee and munchies!

This month of February, my personal goal is to post at least one entry everyday to practice writing. I've so many stories and love letters and ideas to brainstorm and research on before I can actually start making a draft. I hope I really make progress on that long list of "prompts" and plot bunnies. I have to practicing how to write in such a way that is clear and concise but still with a touch of panache (hehe, I just wanted to use that word), with ideas flowing in a logical manner. I have this tendency to think and speak in circles, and that is reflected in my writing. Hence the "for my eyes only" privacy setting in this journal. I can't bear to have another person develop a headache trying to follow my train of thought. So daily and stringent practice is a must!

And maybe, just maybe, I can have the courage to post some entry publicly.

Jai yo~ Fighto~ Aja aja~


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