Thursday, 18 November 2010

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 I am not Japanese, I don't understand Japanese. My Japanese vocabulary is only at the level of basic greetings, jikoshoukai, numbers (not even counters!), and one-word expressions like "kawaii! <3", "sugoi/kakkoi", "urusai", and other expressions one could easily pick up from watching anime.

That is why I am in such great debt to subbers and translators who expend tremendous time and effort, giving time to record, translate, typeset, time, and upload shows and pvs even when they have other important things to do (like study, work, eat, or sleep). They also put themselves at risk by doing this since the big companies, of course, own these shows.

Without their efforts I wouldn't be able to know how funny sho can be, how out of place ohno's comments sometimes are, how sharp nino's tongue can be, how silly aiba is, and how composed matsujun is. I wouldn't know that sho graduated from keio university, that aiba's family has a chinese restaurant, that ohno is a mama's boy, that nino went to hollywood, and that a girl once turned down matsujun, if there were no people to sub them. In short, I would never get to know Arashi.

I could understand why english dubbing companies complain about anime fansubbers since they would lose the market for their dubs. But shows like shukudai-kun or himitsu or shiyagare don't get dubbed. The only way I can be able to watch Arashi, to read about them, to understand each refrain they sing is through translations.

Given all that these groups are sacrificing and risking, is it too much for them to ask not to re-distribute these works? 
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