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This January will be uber busy--church activities, acads, extramural classes--and I know that I will be finding myself down on my knees before my Lord. Because of my full schedule, I would have to limit my internet, DLing habits, give up on manga and anime and Arashi for the time being, and give more time to Bible reading.

So I challenge myself with a marshmallow test: With Sho and arashi goodies as my marshmallows. After the month of January ends, I can finally indulge in my fandom. So until January 31 (tuesday), I will work hard and be stoic, like Gackt and Sho and Matsujun, and work to the bones!

Oh, the incubation period starts on January 09. *bargaining*

Gambatte me!

~ Oh yeah, I thank God for [ profile] nadegata for starting my Sho-month with an awe-mazing Sho interview. <3
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I was in the middle of grad school class, actively participating in the discussion, when I realized that Gackt's Vanilla was playing in my head NON-STOP. It was really weird and totally unexpected. I had to consciously stop myself from swaying to the music. And images of Gackt's concert performance clip was really distracting beyond words.

It is weird that I am so enamored by this artist. The saner part of me tries to analyze why:
* He is a vampire (there goes my "sane" logic)
* The gap between his stoic image and his funny, playful side is addicting. You want to see more and more.
* His talking voice is smexy. Smexy must have been invented to describe this man.
* He is so friggin talented it is not fair. (But at least he is not a terpischore. Or that would have been totally unfair).
* He has pretty eyes (not only because of the contacts and the eye make up)
And I'm wishing that Gackt becomes part of the Dandyism bureau. His advice to Sho's sleeping habit problems would be so epic and nosebleed inducing.

crushing on gackt

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 22:27
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I just have to let this thought out because I have no one with me to fangirl with:
1) Gackt is hot. He is another level of hot. His beauty is unreal and can only be found in vampire manga.
2) There should be more Arashi-Gackt collaborations. 
3) Sorry Nino, but Ohno has found another man which makes his heart go "kyaaa~"
4) I have to watch Moonchild again. Sho-Kei OTP <3
5) Harisenbon's Haruna is one lucky girl. sigh...Gackt-sama...

I cannot believe I just spent the whole night looking up Gackt's videos, PV's and songs! Urgh. I don't need another fandom! But his vampire charms are so hard to resist. And he is actually funny too...


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