Thursday, 12 September 2013 08:33
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I'm smirking to myself, since no one reads this journal anyway (even I don't read it), why use "updates"? And yes, I am procrastinating again.

* I am normal health-wise. I began to worry when my older brother was diagnosed with diabetes, so I joined him for a check up. Turns out I'm relatively healthy. I just need more sun exposure and calcium and more physical activity. I still am genetically predisposed to diabetes, so I still have to be careful with what I eat.

* Speaking of being careful, I need to be more cautious with how I spend my time. I have piles of stuff to do and I haven't started on them. It shocked me last week when I could write anything (I couldn't even make coherent sentences on my essay exam). I have the idea in my head, but I couldn't find the words and expressions to properly convey them. It's really sad and scary at the same time. So I decided I need more writing practice! (Hence, this journal article)

* In a few days, I would have been working for three months at ISACC! Woot woot! How I managed to survive, only through His grace. I've made so many expensive mistakes, I still have a lot to learn and there is still so much room for personal and professional growth, but I am glad that I am where I am "at such a time as this." I'm so blessed to be in this organization where I am exposed to so many movers and shakers, to many advocacies, and different perspectives on faith, culture, and society. I have a lot to improve on myself. *ganbarimasu!*

* New fandom alert! George Hu and Annie Chen love team! I super love their chemistry, its so natural and genuine. Their drama "Love, Now" actually sucked me into 5 days of dame-ningen-ing. Which says a lot about their chemistry (they are so sweet and mushy, it could've raised my blood sugar level). And they have another drama, aired just this year "Love Around" and I can't wait for someone to share subbed episodes on the net (I could always watch it via streams, but I would rather dl it). Since they have reduced me to such a state, I decided to watch the rest of the series (72 episodes in total) on my sem break (and after our events-preparation are done). I feel like a smoker who have just quit cold turkey.
NOTE to Self: write the obligatory fandom post on George Hu.

* I have to go on another "fandom abstinence" if I want to accomplish things I need to accomplish for school and for work. *sigh*

So I'm off to work, to actually be worth my salt.


Friday, 22 February 2013 05:03
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I just realized I have no patience and compassion to become an editor. As I translate (and edit at the same time) a written report on Spiritual Abuse (for my chinese classmate), I can't count the number of times I cursed the author of the sloppy report in my head. As if making the report elementary level is not hard enough, I have to think what the author meant to say, which is usually hidden by verbose constructions and archaic expressions. Arghhhh! So frustrating!

Adding to the frustration is the topic itself: Spiritual abuse. People do use religion and spirituality to take advantage of people. Hence the emergence scandals in catholic churches and cults. It has been present forever, since I believe it is innate for humans to seek God. That's why some can take advantage of that innate longing, because people would do anything to connect to God, to find meaning and purpose in life. They are so unforgivable. I can't help myself wishing that there would be a special place in hell for people like them. I believe they are one of the reasons why some people become atheist. How dare they tarnish the character of God for their selfish gains. Argghhh!

(this excellent opportunity to reflect on my own spiritual walk and how susceptible I am of committing spiritual abuse since I am a leader, but I'm too frustrated to think straight and I really want to get the task over with. Maybe later.)
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I realized I am not good at documenting milestones and important dates in my life. That's why when I was reviewing 2012, I was surprised that so many unbelievable things happened, so many blessings and privileges for growth. I feel like I've been spoiled by God again. So here is my random list of blessings and highlights for my 2012:

blessings... )

So did I really grow this 2012? Was my 2012 really "for the Lord's"? I would like to think so. I hope God agrees with my evaluation too.
Here's to another year of God's faithfulness!
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It's been 6 years since my freshman year in UP Diliman. A lot has changed since then, and here are some of the things I remember when I was still a freshie:

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my 1st year in gradschool ended weeks ago, followed by preparations for the young women's encounter. Just when I thought I can laze around like a pig, I was assigned to speak this Sunday at our youth service. It's an honor and privilege but I don't think I'm fit for the job. *sigh* But there is no more "no" left in me, so I said yes, no matter how random and informal the invitation was. 

But I praise God for His blessings--blessings upon blessings:
* My GWA for the 2nd semester: 1.33 
* The young women's encounter is done! Praise God for the new batch of young women on fire for Him!
* I get a breather after this week. Maybe I can even look for a job (seriously)
* There's encantadia on cable! Yey! (Now to get my hands on the DVDs)
* I can come to the CSSP graduation this saturday! I really though I had to miss it because of the YE but thank God! I can watch my babies walk the stage and say farewell to their undergrad lives. *sniff sniff*

I'll work on my message outline now. I seriously need to ask for advice about this topic. Tomorrow, I will attempt to finally do my personal challenge: one entry per tag a day! *hopefully, it won't be as random and unstructured as most of my entries here*
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Congrats Chinen kun, Yamada chan and Nakajima chan! Highschool's over, now on to more JE activities!

Also congrats to the college qualifiers: Okamoto (Sophia University), Inoo (Meiji University), Yabu (Waseda University). Being admitted to college is already a big accomplishment,but you guys got in to such big universities! Sugoi! Here's to more College-graduate JE idols! Break stereotypes!

I may be wrong, but I believe Sho-kun paved the way for JE idols to actually consider pursuing a college degree even though they already have a successful JE career. I think that is just awesome and admirable. Hope they graduate and receive their degrees! 
Sigh, I just wish I could apply (and be accepted) to Sophia or Keio as well. 
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just got back from my stat exam, and I feel like I did not study hard enough. T_T Hoping against hope that the next exam will be take home. If I keep performing this badly in exams, I better say goodbye to any hope of reaching CS status. sadness. Oh well, がんばりましょう!

I am enjoying my Japanese classes so much. I wanna keep on learning, improving my grammar and speech, going beyond the basic greetings, and one word expressions. がんばりましょう!

One thing that made me smile today is my interaction with my intellectual crushie in facebook. One thing I can say: I love being a geek! <3

Well, I better do my jap homework so I can actually start research work for my reports at the end of this month. がんばりましょう!

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This January will be uber busy--church activities, acads, extramural classes--and I know that I will be finding myself down on my knees before my Lord. Because of my full schedule, I would have to limit my internet, DLing habits, give up on manga and anime and Arashi for the time being, and give more time to Bible reading.

So I challenge myself with a marshmallow test: With Sho and arashi goodies as my marshmallows. After the month of January ends, I can finally indulge in my fandom. So until January 31 (tuesday), I will work hard and be stoic, like Gackt and Sho and Matsujun, and work to the bones!

Oh, the incubation period starts on January 09. *bargaining*

Gambatte me!

~ Oh yeah, I thank God for [livejournal.com profile] nadegata for starting my Sho-month with an awe-mazing Sho interview. <3
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It's been ages since I wrote anything here. Wahhhh. Where do I begin? Updates in bullets!
sem break )
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going cold turkey... )

Bye bye my beloved fandoms. Looking forward to your new works, epicness, and other updates. Ja ne.

*deep breath*

Monday, 4 July 2011 22:30
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I just came from mg grad school class (psychotherapy) and I am a bit overwhelmed with how much work is expected of us. Well not really work. And if I think about it, it's not really that much different from my undergrad courses that required a LOT of readings. I guess I'm just no longer used to it. *sigh* Better get my reading started then.


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