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Didn't go anywhere today. But since I don't want to miss a challenge day, I decided to dress up for the sake of dressing up.
Lola's culottes, a white shirt, a blazer and pumps.
Amazing how this outfit looks so professional inspite of the fact that I'm wearing my lounge-wear shirt.
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ready for the rain that did not come
random thoughts:

  • it rained a lot last night so I though (and expected) for it to rain again today. So I wore boots (awesome but hurt like hell. I couldn't feel my toes the whole day) and a coat that went well with my gingham skirt. Did this outfit pay off? I don't know but I hope it did because my feet hurt like hell.

  • I woke up super early and ended up reading Purp to kill time. I ended up killing too much time that I was late for the 10 am service. Decided to wait until 11-ish to head off to church for the 1pm service. So I ironed my hair to kill time. It didn't turn out nicely so I ended up braiding and tying it in a low bun. *sigh* sayang sa effort at kuryente.

  • I arrived at lunch time. Daddy asked me to put something absorbent on his back because he was sweating. Good thing I had a face towel in my kikay kit.

  • Ate Xaili is back at church! *tears*

  • Didn't get to finish 1 pm church service because I was (again) dragged to count moneys.

  • Tried to listen to LX message mind is elsewhere. And as much as I respect and admire PNats, I couldn't follow what he was preaching. I can't even remember his point. (Sorry, Lord)

  • Ensemble. What can I say? I forced myself to stop judging Yeye as she was leading the BS since I read about her in Purp. It was better than I expected (better than hers definitely) but still so lacking, I felt that I learned more when I studied it alone. *sigh* Can't wait for next week when it's my turn to lead the BS. I'll show them how its done.

  • because my feet can't take it anymore, I decided to buy new shoes at the ukay near edsa. Thank God the two-toned (black and brown) oxfords I've been eyeing was still there, and it was not as pricey as before. So I bought it and wore it home. Can't wait to wear it.

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conference 2
hooray for dresses and vests and sneakers for a casual look
* I woke up coughing again because of allergy...making me cranky. Mommy was busy making breakfast for everyone while making a sandwich for us for lunch, while I sat in bed, trying to get over my coughing fit and difficulty breathing.
* Mommy and I left early since we were hitching a ride with Tito Eg. Before we left, ate called and asked me to bring her ticket for the conference (which she forgot in her room).
* It was my first Destiny conference, and to be honest, I'm not really psyched about it. I only attended because we made a decision as Ensemble to attend these conferences. Sitting beside mommy and the enthusiastic ECE reviewers, I was actually conscious of the fact that I wasn't jumping up like the rest...especially when I thought that the worship songs they used were nothing more than "energizing songs," which I felt didn't worship the Lord. Ewan. Or maybe I was just overly critical?
* I didn't like all the speakers as well. Pastor Rich was as arrogant as I read about him on the net, when I was researching about G12. The message was good, I was encouraged, BUT I still didn't like him. I felt like there was no love in him. I also didn't like Pastor Favor who gave a talk on offerings as seeds. He was insinuating that if we did not jump, if we did not make noise, we will miss out on the blessing. Ang labo lang. Despite my misgivings about them, I was encouraged by God through them. I was roused from my self pity, from my pit of self disappointment. It was God who spoke, not them.
* After the conference, we hitched a ride ulit with Tito Eg to go back to church for testimony time. Since I still didn't know the schedule for Samurai X at Gateway, I decided to leave early and go to Gateway and ask personally. When I entered the mall, the guard told me maganda daw headband ko. Wow. Random comment much? I was able to get the movie schedule. The only thing I needed to do was relay it to Kuya Jedi, Ana, and Kuya Sam so we can decide.
* There was no food at home so I bought dinner (lutong bahay), but I had no appetite, so I didn't eat. No one was home to eat. I spent time trying to rack my brains to come up with another SLE to complement Tita Vi's talk on Monday during ONEnsemble.
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friday meeting again
* Went to Monsay for Bible Study but this time I couldn't contact Kim and I didn't have the courage to just sneak in past the guard. Waited for an hour for her reply and left for UP when it was time. And to think that I was excited and prepared for this. Heck, I even brought my PDL and devo notebook. Later on, Kim would tell me she left her phone at home *facepalm*
* Bought black flats at Philcoa. It was comfortable and looks appropriate for the rain (but not for floods). It was more expensive than expected. I also saw a blue dress at Philcoa for only 100 php. I had no plans of buying clothes but it was only 100 and it was the kind of blue I was looking for.
* I was still early for the meeting so I ate at UP Coop. I had okoy and rice and ate there.
* Guess who I met at Shopping Center? Kuya Benji Gonzales from SVCF! He told me he was getting ready to climb Makiling with other SV alumni.
* Got to the Infirmary before everyone else. I was still feeling discouraged because di natuloy yung bible study that I've been looking forward to. Ate Kath came in and shared with me an issue that happened between one of her students (who were doing their ojt at LCRC) and Pastor Ely. Through his actions, super pangit ng naging tingin tuloy sa kanya. Tarnished. As a christian, I felt embarrassed. Ang pangit ng testimony.
* we talked about our module and our other projects at LCRC. Then we called it a day.


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