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Saw this article/news from Arama that got me pondering:

Why is it so especially difficult to be half-Filipino? I mean, didn't Matsujun's "Smile" drama revolve around that issue? And why there are NGOs like Kopino who support (and protect) half Filipinos in Korea?

Ano ba ang meron sa Pinoy? Or sa half-Pinoy? Is it because we are seen as "domestic helpers" anywhere we are?

Gusto ko na tuloy ito na lang aralin ko for my thesis. Kaso lang clinical psych track nga pala ako. Mas pang-SP or social psych yung issue na to.

I'm now off to the last day of GCAC!

Edit: After reading the whole article (the 2ch reactions as well), I found out that
1) ang daming half-Filipinas sa AKB! More than any other nationalities.
2) 2ch users see Filipinas as (basically) gold-diggers who go for old Japanese men who Japanese women do not want (parang reject ng mga Japanese women)
3) Sabi no Akimoto, "I kept thinking 'What am I?' for 7 and a half years while I was spending time together with all these other idols like Mayuyu and Yuko. But I am able to stay active and have work because of my shoulder width that's bigger than anyone else's in AKB, and my muscles. I cherished these traits as these define who I really am." "Now I am proud when I say that I'm half-Filipino, and I hope that I can give give a helping hand to everyone else who are half-bred and is in the same situation as I was, and people who have no confidence".
It's great that she was able to resolve her "inferiority" as a half-Filipino, but I think it's sad that she focused on the physical ans her popularity as AKB and hindi yung sa positive Filipino values/traits to get the sense of "I'm proud to be half-Filipino." Para tuloy napaka-superficial ng basis niya to get over the inferiority complex she is feeling.

GCAC day two

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 21:52
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I am so dead tired even though I did not do much today. Must be because I've been on my feet most of the day, and my flats are not very feet friendly. I suddenly pity all the sales people and waiters in the world.
learnings/insights/random thoughts for today:
* I did not see kuya Jedi today. Sadness.
* Less people came today but it was so awesome to see Rev Mac Bradshaw today, all well and on the mend.
* I was able to chat with Dr. Adonis Gorospe. Wasn't able to listen to his paper presentation but it was nice to sit down with him.
* I am reminded once again that witnessing should always be in context. Kahit hindi cross-cultural, the principle is still the same. One of the speakers said (I think it was Tita Melba) that asking a person whether he is saved or whether he is going to heaven is not a relevant question to ask Filipinos (especially those in rural areas) because our indigenous belief system has a different conceptualization of the afterlife than the the western heaven-or-hell dichotomy. What is relevant to Filipino religious consciousness that we should be engaging as Christians witnessing is their concern/interest about power over spirits/elementals who could/would harm them. Personally, I realized that this is a more relevant concern since both my cell person and the monsay bible study group expressed interest about spirits, ghosts, and the like. It was wiser if I had focused more on Christ's victory and total sovereignity over the principalities and powers (thus assuring them that they do not have to fear spirits and be controlled by that fear) rather than rigidly following the bible study guide I was following. Because of my lack of insight, I made it seem like studying the bible is boring and "bookish," and not the dynamic and life changing endeavor it really was.
* Question for myself: Am I engaging God through a western frame of mind, thus limiting my experience of Him? (Since I am not engaging him in my native tongue, in my indigenous value system)

Lord, I know I'm avoiding the real/central issue with my relationship with you by asking such a "big" theological question. I'msorry for not being consistent, for not taking you seriously enough. Tita Melba was right: I do not fit ISACC's culture because I remain immature in my faith. Sorry Lord.    


Thursday, 12 September 2013 08:33
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I'm smirking to myself, since no one reads this journal anyway (even I don't read it), why use "updates"? And yes, I am procrastinating again.

* I am normal health-wise. I began to worry when my older brother was diagnosed with diabetes, so I joined him for a check up. Turns out I'm relatively healthy. I just need more sun exposure and calcium and more physical activity. I still am genetically predisposed to diabetes, so I still have to be careful with what I eat.

* Speaking of being careful, I need to be more cautious with how I spend my time. I have piles of stuff to do and I haven't started on them. It shocked me last week when I could write anything (I couldn't even make coherent sentences on my essay exam). I have the idea in my head, but I couldn't find the words and expressions to properly convey them. It's really sad and scary at the same time. So I decided I need more writing practice! (Hence, this journal article)

* In a few days, I would have been working for three months at ISACC! Woot woot! How I managed to survive, only through His grace. I've made so many expensive mistakes, I still have a lot to learn and there is still so much room for personal and professional growth, but I am glad that I am where I am "at such a time as this." I'm so blessed to be in this organization where I am exposed to so many movers and shakers, to many advocacies, and different perspectives on faith, culture, and society. I have a lot to improve on myself. *ganbarimasu!*

* New fandom alert! George Hu and Annie Chen love team! I super love their chemistry, its so natural and genuine. Their drama "Love, Now" actually sucked me into 5 days of dame-ningen-ing. Which says a lot about their chemistry (they are so sweet and mushy, it could've raised my blood sugar level). And they have another drama, aired just this year "Love Around" and I can't wait for someone to share subbed episodes on the net (I could always watch it via streams, but I would rather dl it). Since they have reduced me to such a state, I decided to watch the rest of the series (72 episodes in total) on my sem break (and after our events-preparation are done). I feel like a smoker who have just quit cold turkey.
NOTE to Self: write the obligatory fandom post on George Hu.

* I have to go on another "fandom abstinence" if I want to accomplish things I need to accomplish for school and for work. *sigh*

So I'm off to work, to actually be worth my salt.
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(taking a break from translation)
* I'm very hopeful that radical changes (which the church is badly in need of) will happen to the catholic church. I'm not a catholic but I am reminded that those who are for Jesus are my co-workers in the harvest field. And since I live in a predominantly Catholic country, the changes in Vatican will be felt in here.
I am also hopeful because the New Pope (Pope Francis I) seems to have the heart for the poor (since he serves in Brazil), and lives a modest life, which is so uncommon for Archbishops. And this is good news. Sabi nga ng best friend ko "The divides between Christian denominations matter less and less when we are all united with the poor."

I may not be a catholic, but I will include the new Pope in my prayers. As the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he has much work to do and he will be under scrutiny. I pray that God will be his only source of wisdom and strength. I pray that indeed he will reflect Christ in his whole being--through his actions and words and decisions.

(back to work)

about fashion

Thursday, 4 October 2012 07:50
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(in yet another attempt at procrastination)
I like clothes. Most people call me fashionable, and I beam when they say my outfit looks nice. I've received comments like:

"how big is your closet?" )

(must share more pictures here. If only I knew how to take good enough pictures to show)

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It's been 6 years since my freshman year in UP Diliman. A lot has changed since then, and here are some of the things I remember when I was still a freshie:

Read more... )
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I don't know why but I love watching shows with swords-women. I'm currently waiting for Hana no Ato (Kitagawa Keiko) and Ichi (Ayase Haruka). And I have yet to watch Raiou (Aoi Yuu). And I love Blood+ (Jun Ji Hyeon). There's something about Japanese women wielding swords that fascinates me. It must be the perfect balance of beauty and strength exhibited by such strong women typically seen as gentle and fragile by society. And, probably, I want to be like that too--to be strong and capable of defending myself. I'm tired of being weak and helpless.

On another note, I can't wait for the live action version of Rurouni Kenshin! I just got a copy of the anime (even though I've sworn to myself not to because I can't stand Kaoru), and I feel like I'm back in grade school, gushing over Kenshin, wishing I was his wifey (Tomoe is my fave RK character. She wounded Battousai! How kickass is that?!). Kenshin is played by Sato Takeru. He looks pretty cool as Kenshin. I have yet to watch anything he is in. Might get a copy of one of his films (like BECK. Also because Mizushima Hiro is there).

Since Nobuhiro Watsuki sensei will be part of production, I am assured somewhat that Hollywood won't mess it up. I really hope hollywood won't mess it up. If they do, it would be cool if sensei would do this as well:

The company (Studio Ghibli) is known for its strict "no-edits" policy in licensing their films abroad. This was a result of the dubbing of Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind when the film was released in the United States as Warriors of the Wind. The film was heavily edited and Americanized, with significant portions cut and the plot rewritten. The "no cuts" policy was highlighted when Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinsteinsuggested editing Princess Mononoke to make it more marketable. In response, a Studio Ghibli producer sent an authentic katana with a simple message: "No cuts"
(from: wikipedia)

Now that would be soooo battousai. <3
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T_T )

So my resolve to be a psychologist is strengthened. Filipinos are a resilient people. I only hope that as I train, I can help pave their way towards recovery and starting over.

I am a leming

Monday, 18 July 2011 22:18
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Because my facebook news feed is flooded by HP7.2 quotes and book excerpts that I found myself actually wanting to read the whole series from book 1. I also wanted to watch all the movies. Great. Like I need another fandom to take up my time. Urgh.

And because Arashi is promoting Android AU phones, I  found myself actually wanting to have one as well. I'm researching how I can get my hands on one. Their commercials are that compelling.
sigh...maybe I should abstain from going online for awhile before I pick up more expensive crazes.

finally it's here!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 08:18
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Yey! July 06 finally came, after months of waiting (ever since they announced that they're releasing a new album). So grateful for being part of this fandom. Now I have to break my piggy bank.

I have so much reading to do and I've barely made a dent. So I consider this new album as my motivation to finish as soon as possible. Here's hoping that I actually pick up something from my long list of readings (cause psych is text-heavy). And that I don't fall asleep in the library (again).

I better get ready to get to school!

*deep breath*

Monday, 4 July 2011 22:30
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I just came from mg grad school class (psychotherapy) and I am a bit overwhelmed with how much work is expected of us. Well not really work. And if I think about it, it's not really that much different from my undergrad courses that required a LOT of readings. I guess I'm just no longer used to it. *sigh* Better get my reading started then.


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