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2013 is going to be a great year...fandom wise:
Platinum Data
NazoDi Movie
Kamisama no Karute 2
Kuroshitsuji movie (Hiro is back!!!)
Last Hope
Lucky Seven SP
Calling/Breathless single
Popcorn tour DVD
F4 reunion

So excited to flail and squeal and roll around in kilig and gigil. I just wish I wasn't so alone in my fandoms. It's really sad trying to hold in the excitement and kilig. sigh.
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 I'm supposed to be working but I just had to write a post declaring my love love for this guy.

How do I love thee? Let me fan-girl the ways:

1. your love is so pure, it could be the next junai storyline. And you and your wife look absolutely perfect. (check out their twitter and official sites here)  

2. you are not some mere ikemen who could only depend on his good looks to make it in life, you are brilliant. (i firmly believe that only brilliant people could get in and graduate from the prestigious Keio University).

3. you are multi-faceted. Not only can you act, you also have a great talent in writing. A thousand congratulations for winning the 5th Poplar Publishing Novel Award for your debut novel, Kagerou. (Oh, how I wish I could read in Japanese!) Submitting it in another name, besting the other 1,285 entries just shows how much talent you have. (I just love writers). Stay humble and keep flourishing. You may no longer be in the lime light but your fans will support you forever!

4. you are fluent in english (yes! we can communicate with each other!) having lived in Switzerland. (ooohhh...hiro and swiss chocolate...nose bleeds...I just died because of the words "stronger" and "strongest"). 

5. you are such a kind-hearted soul. your wife is so blessed to have you. choosing to use your prize money to promote literature, encouraging that kid in that kamen rider shoot...*sigh*  

forgive my superficial fandom. I have so much more to learn about Mizushima Hiro!


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