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Classes in all levels are suspended here in Manila because a storm has made land-fall, bringing in rain and strong winds. Meanwhile, in Japan, another storm is making headlines, making and breaking records, causing havoc around the world. And this is the one storm I've been wishing would land in the country.

Forgive my attempt at wit. I just wanted to make sure that I at least give a shout out to my major fandom. There are so many reasons why I love them and I honestly have to make a proper list one of these days, but yeah. I will get back to this post to make complete the list.

15 Things I love about Arashi
(in no particular order)
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a cryptic message from Wang Lee Hom's FB page:
"Over the years, this job has at times been very lonely. Writing, recording, constantly traveling, "home" has been, more often than not, my huge suitcase I affectionately named, The Refrigerator. Many of my songs are about "needing someone" and being a "music gypsy" reflecting my long held hopes for love and family. Finding that balance between passion for work and creating the life I so long for has been quite a journey, but now, I'm finally ready to make a change and have the best of both worlds."

OMG!!! Is he settling down? Is he in a relationship? Has he finally found his other half? Is he following Vanness's footsteps and getting married? Oh please oh please let this be what we all hope it means. <3

And please let his long wait be worth it. He has such a beautiful heart. May the girl set aside for him realize how precious his heart is that is entrusted to her.

Oh pleaseeee~

EDIT on Nov 27:

YEEEEEES~ Such wonderful news to wake up to:
"The past few years your comments here have often been about "hope you find your Forever Love". I'm lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future. She's not in the entertainment business so you don't know her, but I also don't want to create the opportunity for rumors so… her name is Lee Jinglei, she's 27 years old and a graduate student at Columbia. Wangbaba & Mama love her and I hope you will too."

Of course I'll love her. I have been praying for her ever since I've been your fan. Wahhh~ I'm so happy. I hope that she's really the one for him and his next posts will be about their wedding pictures. Sigh. Grabe Lord. Thank you for granting the desire of LeeHom's heart and for his courage to share his journey with his fans. Please protect their relationship and protect Ms. Lee from crazy fans and stalkers and the media. In Your Nmae I pray. Amen. 
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Ever since I found out that there would an RK Live action movie, my fangirl heart has been set to watch it as soon as possible.spoilers galore )

I'm looking forward to a sequel (I mean they had better. The first film was kinda bitin, and they have an assurance that they will make a killing at the box office if they make another one, especially if it's the Shishio arc). Until it is confirmed, I will have to content my fangirl cravings with Q10 and maybe an RK anime marathon over the Christmas break. 
catatonic_17: (Default) now my favorite actor. I can't put into words how captivating his screen presence is. He really makes it easy to fall in love with the characters he plays. Or maybe I'm just infatuated with him. But honestly, he is a great actor, really intense. I hope I can find more of his movies (especially the older ones). And I hope that he stays in love with acting, and his management takes real good care of him. I want to see him play more interesting roles.

And I pray that he would take better care of his health and stop smoking. (and find that woman meant to share his life with him)

He is really a sweetheart. I've been reading his interviews, and I'm surprised to read that he is actually a very private preson (kinda like Leehom). He would rather stay at home and play games/surf the net on his free time. And stay with his family. <3 I feel like he is still that young half-japanese-half-taiwanese boy, bullied in school, unsure of where he belongs. Even after all the fame and the acclaim, he is still down to earth, a son to his parents. At least, that's my impression of him. He is a celebrity in every sense of the word )a superstar even), but he wants to be just "Takeshi."

He shared a funny experience with fans in one of his interviews. When his fans saw him, they started screaming, asked him to sign something, and go off and fangirl some more with their friends, abruptly leaving him alone, "I am left there standing as a dumb, and no one comes up to talk about anything else." (interview) Awww...but I could understand what could be going on in their minds: "Ah! It's Kaneshiro-samaaaa~ bdhcbciuhrvnjgcyudbmwkjeciocn *mind blacks out*" Well, that's probably what would go on in mine. Running towards him to ask for his signature would simply be my body moving on its own. I wouldn't dare to take up more of his time (and chat him up), having ambushed him like that.

This TIME mag interview sheds light into his "personal rootlessness" and how it has helped him be a chameleon on screen. Makes sense that he can be as convincing in a Japanese series as he is in a Hongkong or Chinese big budget epic. No matter what role he takes, no matter what nationality, he delivers. And the stranger, quirkier the role, the more it fits him. Can't wait to see what he plays next.

New Fandom alert!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 08:54
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It's been months since I last wrote in this journal. I wonder when I would have the time to actually do the one-tag-a-day thing challenge? Anyway, I have been wasting spending the past few days looking up anything I could dig up about a certain actor with the yummiest talking voice. I've been neglecting my school work because I've been watching the dramas he is in. So far, this is what I know about Mr. Handsome, Tanihara Shousuke-sama:

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So...this is pretty bad. I really have to study and do my homework and stuff but I find myself so preoccupied. Ahhhh...I have to put marathoning these on an indefinite hold so I can get on with my life. I suddenly can't wait for sem break.
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 According to the "Popolo 2011.06 - Your perfect Arashi husband" quiz (translated by [ profile] username_hannah ), my perfect arashi husband is Sho. The results say (and I quote):

A Type – Sakurai Sho
Enthusiastic about education, an intellectual husband.
You still haven’t thought much about the future, but if you were to marry, someone calm and dependable like Sho-kun is recommended for you. With someone as intelligent and knowledgeable as him, it seems you could raise an intellectual family together.

~Yes. I agree with all my heart. And to think that I answered it very quickly, not thinking twice. must be fate. <3

It has very interesting questions too. If I had a choice of being Arashi's maid or manager...that's a tough decision. I feel like being a maid would be an easier task and allows for a lot of fanservice, but I would love to support them as artists by managing their schedules and affairs and such. Whichever one sounds good. sigh. Or I could be their therapist. That sounds good too.
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 A church mate got married today and it was beautiful. She was stunning. The groom was drop-dead gorgeous. The ceremony was classy, although there were last minute changes made because of the rain. A lot of people had doubts about their relationship, whether they were really right for each other. But I guess the Lord has other plans that our finite mind can ever fathom.
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