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ready for the rain that did not come
random thoughts:

  • it rained a lot last night so I though (and expected) for it to rain again today. So I wore boots (awesome but hurt like hell. I couldn't feel my toes the whole day) and a coat that went well with my gingham skirt. Did this outfit pay off? I don't know but I hope it did because my feet hurt like hell.

  • I woke up super early and ended up reading Purp to kill time. I ended up killing too much time that I was late for the 10 am service. Decided to wait until 11-ish to head off to church for the 1pm service. So I ironed my hair to kill time. It didn't turn out nicely so I ended up braiding and tying it in a low bun. *sigh* sayang sa effort at kuryente.

  • I arrived at lunch time. Daddy asked me to put something absorbent on his back because he was sweating. Good thing I had a face towel in my kikay kit.

  • Ate Xaili is back at church! *tears*

  • Didn't get to finish 1 pm church service because I was (again) dragged to count moneys.

  • Tried to listen to LX message mind is elsewhere. And as much as I respect and admire PNats, I couldn't follow what he was preaching. I can't even remember his point. (Sorry, Lord)

  • Ensemble. What can I say? I forced myself to stop judging Yeye as she was leading the BS since I read about her in Purp. It was better than I expected (better than hers definitely) but still so lacking, I felt that I learned more when I studied it alone. *sigh* Can't wait for next week when it's my turn to lead the BS. I'll show them how its done.

  • because my feet can't take it anymore, I decided to buy new shoes at the ukay near edsa. Thank God the two-toned (black and brown) oxfords I've been eyeing was still there, and it was not as pricey as before. So I bought it and wore it home. Can't wait to wear it.

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I realized I am not good at documenting milestones and important dates in my life. That's why when I was reviewing 2012, I was surprised that so many unbelievable things happened, so many blessings and privileges for growth. I feel like I've been spoiled by God again. So here is my random list of blessings and highlights for my 2012:

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So did I really grow this 2012? Was my 2012 really "for the Lord's"? I would like to think so. I hope God agrees with my evaluation too.
Here's to another year of God's faithfulness!
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So Ensemble (my discipleship group) is doing a time capsule that we will be opening 10 years from now. I'll be 32 then. Since I'm in the mood for making lists and daydreaming (and also because I am currently experiencing major writer's block) I've decided to list down the things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30 (which gives me 8 years to accomplish these things):
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Reviewing my partial list makes it obvious (at least to an arashi fan) how I am heavily influenced by Arashi. That's a good thing right?
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(I have to prepare my post-encounter message so I'll make this as short as possible)
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Yey! Ensemble!

Monday, 20 June 2011 21:03
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to be continued...
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 A church mate got married today and it was beautiful. She was stunning. The groom was drop-dead gorgeous. The ceremony was classy, although there were last minute changes made because of the rain. A lot of people had doubts about their relationship, whether they were really right for each other. But I guess the Lord has other plans that our finite mind can ever fathom.
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