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featured orange item: belt, cardigan, headband
conference 2
hooray for dresses and vests and sneakers for a casual look
* I woke up coughing again because of allergy...making me cranky. Mommy was busy making breakfast for everyone while making a sandwich for us for lunch, while I sat in bed, trying to get over my coughing fit and difficulty breathing.
* Mommy and I left early since we were hitching a ride with Tito Eg. Before we left, ate called and asked me to bring her ticket for the conference (which she forgot in her room).
* It was my first Destiny conference, and to be honest, I'm not really psyched about it. I only attended because we made a decision as Ensemble to attend these conferences. Sitting beside mommy and the enthusiastic ECE reviewers, I was actually conscious of the fact that I wasn't jumping up like the rest...especially when I thought that the worship songs they used were nothing more than "energizing songs," which I felt didn't worship the Lord. Ewan. Or maybe I was just overly critical?
* I didn't like all the speakers as well. Pastor Rich was as arrogant as I read about him on the net, when I was researching about G12. The message was good, I was encouraged, BUT I still didn't like him. I felt like there was no love in him. I also didn't like Pastor Favor who gave a talk on offerings as seeds. He was insinuating that if we did not jump, if we did not make noise, we will miss out on the blessing. Ang labo lang. Despite my misgivings about them, I was encouraged by God through them. I was roused from my self pity, from my pit of self disappointment. It was God who spoke, not them.
* After the conference, we hitched a ride ulit with Tito Eg to go back to church for testimony time. Since I still didn't know the schedule for Samurai X at Gateway, I decided to leave early and go to Gateway and ask personally. When I entered the mall, the guard told me maganda daw headband ko. Wow. Random comment much? I was able to get the movie schedule. The only thing I needed to do was relay it to Kuya Jedi, Ana, and Kuya Sam so we can decide.
* There was no food at home so I bought dinner (lutong bahay), but I had no appetite, so I didn't eat. No one was home to eat. I spent time trying to rack my brains to come up with another SLE to complement Tita Vi's talk on Monday during ONEnsemble.
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News Flash: Manny Pacquiao wins 12-round bout versus Rios.
(yes, I suck in news writing)

Critics point out that after Manny became vocal about his faith, he started losing matches. As if his faith in God caused his loss. Wonder to what they'll attribute this win?

Pacman once spoke in one of our sunday services last January, during our anniversary month. We had to set up screens outside the worship tent because the overflow room itself was super overflowing. Confession time: I dozed off when he was speaking. Sorry. There was a scheduled pre-encounter party that afternoon and I was the coordinator for that batch. So I lacked sleep the night before. Lousy time management.

Anyway, it's always inspiring when someone so famous boldly testifies for God. He knows what is important and eternal. So even if he's a multi-billionaire, a congressman, and a world-wide public figure, I am somewhat assured that he is grounded. God will keep him grounded.

But I still hope he retires soon. The more he fights, the higher the chance he'll have Parkinson's disease or some other neurological disorder. I'd like him to be as fit as long as possible so he can preach His Word to more people.

GCAC day two

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 21:52
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I am so dead tired even though I did not do much today. Must be because I've been on my feet most of the day, and my flats are not very feet friendly. I suddenly pity all the sales people and waiters in the world.
learnings/insights/random thoughts for today:
* I did not see kuya Jedi today. Sadness.
* Less people came today but it was so awesome to see Rev Mac Bradshaw today, all well and on the mend.
* I was able to chat with Dr. Adonis Gorospe. Wasn't able to listen to his paper presentation but it was nice to sit down with him.
* I am reminded once again that witnessing should always be in context. Kahit hindi cross-cultural, the principle is still the same. One of the speakers said (I think it was Tita Melba) that asking a person whether he is saved or whether he is going to heaven is not a relevant question to ask Filipinos (especially those in rural areas) because our indigenous belief system has a different conceptualization of the afterlife than the the western heaven-or-hell dichotomy. What is relevant to Filipino religious consciousness that we should be engaging as Christians witnessing is their concern/interest about power over spirits/elementals who could/would harm them. Personally, I realized that this is a more relevant concern since both my cell person and the monsay bible study group expressed interest about spirits, ghosts, and the like. It was wiser if I had focused more on Christ's victory and total sovereignity over the principalities and powers (thus assuring them that they do not have to fear spirits and be controlled by that fear) rather than rigidly following the bible study guide I was following. Because of my lack of insight, I made it seem like studying the bible is boring and "bookish," and not the dynamic and life changing endeavor it really was.
* Question for myself: Am I engaging God through a western frame of mind, thus limiting my experience of Him? (Since I am not engaging him in my native tongue, in my indigenous value system)

Lord, I know I'm avoiding the real/central issue with my relationship with you by asking such a "big" theological question. I'msorry for not being consistent, for not taking you seriously enough. Tita Melba was right: I do not fit ISACC's culture because I remain immature in my faith. Sorry Lord.    


Thursday, 12 September 2013 08:33
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I'm smirking to myself, since no one reads this journal anyway (even I don't read it), why use "updates"? And yes, I am procrastinating again.

* I am normal health-wise. I began to worry when my older brother was diagnosed with diabetes, so I joined him for a check up. Turns out I'm relatively healthy. I just need more sun exposure and calcium and more physical activity. I still am genetically predisposed to diabetes, so I still have to be careful with what I eat.

* Speaking of being careful, I need to be more cautious with how I spend my time. I have piles of stuff to do and I haven't started on them. It shocked me last week when I could write anything (I couldn't even make coherent sentences on my essay exam). I have the idea in my head, but I couldn't find the words and expressions to properly convey them. It's really sad and scary at the same time. So I decided I need more writing practice! (Hence, this journal article)

* In a few days, I would have been working for three months at ISACC! Woot woot! How I managed to survive, only through His grace. I've made so many expensive mistakes, I still have a lot to learn and there is still so much room for personal and professional growth, but I am glad that I am where I am "at such a time as this." I'm so blessed to be in this organization where I am exposed to so many movers and shakers, to many advocacies, and different perspectives on faith, culture, and society. I have a lot to improve on myself. *ganbarimasu!*

* New fandom alert! George Hu and Annie Chen love team! I super love their chemistry, its so natural and genuine. Their drama "Love, Now" actually sucked me into 5 days of dame-ningen-ing. Which says a lot about their chemistry (they are so sweet and mushy, it could've raised my blood sugar level). And they have another drama, aired just this year "Love Around" and I can't wait for someone to share subbed episodes on the net (I could always watch it via streams, but I would rather dl it). Since they have reduced me to such a state, I decided to watch the rest of the series (72 episodes in total) on my sem break (and after our events-preparation are done). I feel like a smoker who have just quit cold turkey.
NOTE to Self: write the obligatory fandom post on George Hu.

* I have to go on another "fandom abstinence" if I want to accomplish things I need to accomplish for school and for work. *sigh*

So I'm off to work, to actually be worth my salt.

July na~

Monday, 1 July 2013 23:08
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Oh dear. More than three months have passed since I posted anything here. A lot have happened in the past 3 months:
* I have a job and I've unofficially/passively declared financial independence from my dad. Meaning I'm broke as hell and buried in debt.
* I now work at ISACC, working closely with the awesome Dr. Melba Maggay (before she retires). I'm learning a lot (when I'm not gaping in awe, mindblown at her awesomeness).
* I'm taking a play therapy class and a clinical assessment class and both classes are going to stretch me (intellectually). I really need to stp wasting my time on fandom (gasp!) if I want to keep my head above water.
* I have a new crush! He's my play therapy prof. He has this Atenean vibe going on (I have a weakness for blue boys) and he's really crushable (not to mention that he's the only one worthy to have a crush on). He has a heart for children and I really admire him for that.
* I've been "employed" in ISACC for about 3 weeks, and I don't think I'm doing a very good job at fulfilling my duties. I mean, I haven't even gone to the office in three weeks! I have to get my act together. Like, seriously.
* I love the Arashi fandom! just sayin. And Mizushima Hiro is coming back to play Sebastian in the live action movie adaptation of Kuroshitsuji. Don't like his hair though.
* sad news, I've lost contact with my cell person and my bible study group at a high school. I'm back to square one. :(
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I am 24 years old. *bow* how did that happen?
I've still so many things to do for school and church, but I just have to take this moment to stop and thank the Lord. He is just so good to me--from my spiritual walk and growth, to my ministry and discipleship, to my acads and career path, and even in my fandoms.

Thank you Lord. I cannot thank you enough. My heart can't help but sing.

*You are Lord of the heavens and Lord of my life.
Lord of the Land and the seas
You are Lord of creation before there was time.
Lord of all Lords you will be.

I bow down, and I worship You Lord
I bow down, and I worship You Lord
I bow down, and I worship You Lord
Lord of all Lords You will be.*

As I celebrate another year of Your faithfulness, I also remember Japan in prayer. 2 years have passed since the Tohoku disaster happened, and things are not back to normal in the affected areas. I pray for Your mercy and Your presence Lord. Japan may not be a Christian nation, but  it is still Yours. I pray for wisdom for the nation's leaders and policy makers, for the healers (doctors, therapists) to have a compassionate heart to journey with the survivors still reeling from the loss and fear. Lord, please help Japan. I do not know what to pray for, but I know that You are the only one who could help. Help Lord.
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I'm supposed to be preparing for my report (which I'll be presenting in class in a few hours), but I just can't get over perfection. Bullet-points time!

On the show itself:
* My biggest question the whole time: why is Nino wearing a dress?
* SMAP + Arashi = Gekokujo! \(^0^)/
* Perfume girls are such fangirls, they're endearing.
* The episode is called "Super Idol SP." with SMAP, Arashi, AKB48 and Perfume they weren't kidding. Must download the whole episode.

On breathless:
* They weren't kidding when they called the song "Breathless." The PV preview had me internally squealing, and the live perfie did not disappoint!
* Nino's solo = melted fangirl. Has he always been so howt and charming? (goes over YamaTaro)...Yes.
* the choreography is awesometastic. really left me breathless. Too many parts made me go gaga.

On Calling:
* Calling choreography: Is this the first time they involved so many back-up dancers? (or used back-up dancers at all?) And where are they placing their hands?
* I can't believe how sweaty Aiba was during the perfie. He's the only one dripping with sweat.
* Great choreography too! I liked how the back-up dancers made Arashi "shine" even more (even if all of them were wearing black)

Hope they perform them in other music shows as well! <3
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I realized I am not good at documenting milestones and important dates in my life. That's why when I was reviewing 2012, I was surprised that so many unbelievable things happened, so many blessings and privileges for growth. I feel like I've been spoiled by God again. So here is my random list of blessings and highlights for my 2012:

blessings... )

So did I really grow this 2012? Was my 2012 really "for the Lord's"? I would like to think so. I hope God agrees with my evaluation too.
Here's to another year of God's faithfulness!
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Ever since I found out that there would an RK Live action movie, my fangirl heart has been set to watch it as soon as possible.spoilers galore )

I'm looking forward to a sequel (I mean they had better. The first film was kinda bitin, and they have an assurance that they will make a killing at the box office if they make another one, especially if it's the Shishio arc). Until it is confirmed, I will have to content my fangirl cravings with Q10 and maybe an RK anime marathon over the Christmas break. 
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my 1st year in gradschool ended weeks ago, followed by preparations for the young women's encounter. Just when I thought I can laze around like a pig, I was assigned to speak this Sunday at our youth service. It's an honor and privilege but I don't think I'm fit for the job. *sigh* But there is no more "no" left in me, so I said yes, no matter how random and informal the invitation was. 

But I praise God for His blessings--blessings upon blessings:
* My GWA for the 2nd semester: 1.33 
* The young women's encounter is done! Praise God for the new batch of young women on fire for Him!
* I get a breather after this week. Maybe I can even look for a job (seriously)
* There's encantadia on cable! Yey! (Now to get my hands on the DVDs)
* I can come to the CSSP graduation this saturday! I really though I had to miss it because of the YE but thank God! I can watch my babies walk the stage and say farewell to their undergrad lives. *sniff sniff*

I'll work on my message outline now. I seriously need to ask for advice about this topic. Tomorrow, I will attempt to finally do my personal challenge: one entry per tag a day! *hopefully, it won't be as random and unstructured as most of my entries here*
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It's been ages since I wrote anything here. Wahhhh. Where do I begin? Updates in bullets!
sem break )
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(I have to prepare my post-encounter message so I'll make this as short as possible)
Read more... )

Yey! Ensemble!

Monday, 20 June 2011 21:03
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holidays, bonding opportunities, blessings in disguise... )
to be continued...
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(I really have to write here more often...)
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 I felt that I had to write something here. So here goes:

* Tomorrow is UPD's first day of classes, but since my classes are only on mondays and fridays, my first day of class would be this friday. I am really excited and apprehensive at the same time. I'm still not sure if I should be taking masteral studies. eeeep!  But just like my mom, I'm just here to try it out and see where it would lead me. Here's hoping that it would  lead me to a scholarship to Japan.

*  When I enrolled for the first semester, I was really surprised by how God was in everything. One of my worries was my class load: I didn't want to miss my Tuesday bible study with Ensemble (my cell group) and the midweek service on Wednesdays. God made it possible that I only had classes on Mondays and Fridays. Such grace! 
And as if that was not enough, He also gave Dra. Bolet Bautista as my adviser. Not only is she one leading therapists in the country, she is also a Christian and both my mom and aunt know her personally. Woah~! If that isn't God's grace, I don't know what is. God's putting the right people in my life at this specific time. Must mean that I would soon be stepping up.
And for the cherry on top of this grace sundae, she offered me to be her graduate assistant. Not only will I be learning from her in class (she's my prof in psychotherapy), I will also be learning from here first hand, through experience. What an opportunity! Thank you Lord!
* Because I am a part-time student, I only have 6 units of class load. And because the tuition fee for grad students is only 500/unit, I  could easily afford paying it with my own money. Thank you Lord! 
* Speaking of money matters, I got a commissioned translation job for a publishing house working with Gawad Kalinga. I finally get to translate short stories! And from Filipino to English (which is a whole lot easier)! Yey! The rates are pretty good, even though it is kind of short notice (I have to submit it by June 14, I got it last Thursday night). By the grace of God, I finished them a day early (with only minor editing left to do). Praise God!
* I'll be meeting my guy best friend in a few hours. Yey! I haven't seen him in ages. I'm really glad that we can meet for lunch today. So excited to know how he is doing.
So I've been going between sleeping and being awake because of that one story that very tricky to translate (Ano ba ang egg shell sa tagalog?!) It really peeved me knowing that I was practically transliterating the whole thing. It super needs a lot of work. Which I should be doing right now. 
Off to work then!
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 A church mate got married today and it was beautiful. She was stunning. The groom was drop-dead gorgeous. The ceremony was classy, although there were last minute changes made because of the rain. A lot of people had doubts about their relationship, whether they were really right for each other. But I guess the Lord has other plans that our finite mind can ever fathom.
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the summer komikon experience... )
 will write about the cssp grad tom, and my komikon haul another day (hopefully with pictures).
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 woah! I've  neglected my journal for such a long time! Yikes. That's not good, especially since a lot has happened:

*My 22nd birthday and my brother's graduation (on the same saturday) - 12th March
*Women's Encounter 2nd Batch (1st time I spoke in front) - 11th and 12th of Feb
*Youth Encounter 1st Batch (1st time I spoke about a major topic) - 8th and 9th of April
*Medical and Dental Mission - 3rd March
*Spa date with my discipler and co-disciples - 27th March
*Re-Launch of my Church's Youth Service - 6th March
* Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown threat
*my acceptance to the graduate program of the Department of Psychology, UP Diliman
There's so much to write. I'm so overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness in my life. Wahhh. 
Tomorrow will be a jam-packed day. There's the annual Summer KOMIKON at 10 am (hope I can take pictures), CSSP Graduation ceremony at 2 pm (where I'll be stalking my crush for one last time), and a Youth Encounter Evaluation at 3 pm (I'll be late! Unless I can sneak a picture with a my crushie earlier). 

Must write about tomorrow's happenings! (Thank God for auto save! I almost had to re-type everything from scratch!)
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"Don't panic. I'm with you. There's no need to fear for I'm your God. I'll give you strength. I'll help you. I'll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you." ~Isaiah 41:10 (The Message)

Lord, here I am. Send me. I am ready to be used by you. Mold me as you will.

It's 1/11/11!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 21:49
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I just had to post. I literally dragged myself out of bed just to post some random thought. Because I thought it would be a shame if I missed the opportunity to post something on 1/11/11 just because I was sleeping.

So here's 11 blessings on 1/11/11:

blessings )

Yey! That's 11 blessings here in LJ!  I am so grateful for the wonderful people here in LJ (I actually frequent my LJ account more than facebook). 

Here's for more blessings!


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