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Classes in all levels are suspended here in Manila because a storm has made land-fall, bringing in rain and strong winds. Meanwhile, in Japan, another storm is making headlines, making and breaking records, causing havoc around the world. And this is the one storm I've been wishing would land in the country.

Forgive my attempt at wit. I just wanted to make sure that I at least give a shout out to my major fandom. There are so many reasons why I love them and I honestly have to make a proper list one of these days, but yeah. I will get back to this post to make complete the list.

15 Things I love about Arashi
(in no particular order)
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 08:33
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I'm smirking to myself, since no one reads this journal anyway (even I don't read it), why use "updates"? And yes, I am procrastinating again.

* I am normal health-wise. I began to worry when my older brother was diagnosed with diabetes, so I joined him for a check up. Turns out I'm relatively healthy. I just need more sun exposure and calcium and more physical activity. I still am genetically predisposed to diabetes, so I still have to be careful with what I eat.

* Speaking of being careful, I need to be more cautious with how I spend my time. I have piles of stuff to do and I haven't started on them. It shocked me last week when I could write anything (I couldn't even make coherent sentences on my essay exam). I have the idea in my head, but I couldn't find the words and expressions to properly convey them. It's really sad and scary at the same time. So I decided I need more writing practice! (Hence, this journal article)

* In a few days, I would have been working for three months at ISACC! Woot woot! How I managed to survive, only through His grace. I've made so many expensive mistakes, I still have a lot to learn and there is still so much room for personal and professional growth, but I am glad that I am where I am "at such a time as this." I'm so blessed to be in this organization where I am exposed to so many movers and shakers, to many advocacies, and different perspectives on faith, culture, and society. I have a lot to improve on myself. *ganbarimasu!*

* New fandom alert! George Hu and Annie Chen love team! I super love their chemistry, its so natural and genuine. Their drama "Love, Now" actually sucked me into 5 days of dame-ningen-ing. Which says a lot about their chemistry (they are so sweet and mushy, it could've raised my blood sugar level). And they have another drama, aired just this year "Love Around" and I can't wait for someone to share subbed episodes on the net (I could always watch it via streams, but I would rather dl it). Since they have reduced me to such a state, I decided to watch the rest of the series (72 episodes in total) on my sem break (and after our events-preparation are done). I feel like a smoker who have just quit cold turkey.
NOTE to Self: write the obligatory fandom post on George Hu.

* I have to go on another "fandom abstinence" if I want to accomplish things I need to accomplish for school and for work. *sigh*

So I'm off to work, to actually be worth my salt.


Thursday, 12 September 2013 06:38
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Hmmm...I am beginning to wonder if this is a good idea...starting a new journal. I haven't written anything in my LJ in 3 months! yabai!yabai!

But my love for Arashi knows no bounds. Sigh. I'm thinking I should get therapy or something.

As a way of introduction, I probably should write something about myself:

* I am an MA student, on my way to the final stages of my program. I would probably be doing my thesis by next year. Excited-anxious.

* I am currently doing part-time work that pushes me to grow and mature. And by push, I mean a forceful redirection. I have been too slow and too safe in my growth, and being in this organization is really a blessing. I'm still struggling to keep up but I know that someday, I will be able to become more efficient and dependable.

* Fangirling takes up about 80% of my waking moments. Which is really bad because that means I have a lot of work and schoolwork undone whenever I spazz and squeal over the latest news about Arashi (new album out on Oct 23!), KinKi Kids (new single! Tsuyoshi's drama!), Wang Lee Hom (My Lucky Star is showing in theaters!)and my other fandom. It really is unhealthy. Must learn how to control myself.

I think that all I need to diclose in here. must get back to work (or pretending to work).
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I'm supposed to be preparing for my report (which I'll be presenting in class in a few hours), but I just can't get over perfection. Bullet-points time!

On the show itself:
* My biggest question the whole time: why is Nino wearing a dress?
* SMAP + Arashi = Gekokujo! \(^0^)/
* Perfume girls are such fangirls, they're endearing.
* The episode is called "Super Idol SP." with SMAP, Arashi, AKB48 and Perfume they weren't kidding. Must download the whole episode.

On breathless:
* They weren't kidding when they called the song "Breathless." The PV preview had me internally squealing, and the live perfie did not disappoint!
* Nino's solo = melted fangirl. Has he always been so howt and charming? (goes over YamaTaro)...Yes.
* the choreography is awesometastic. really left me breathless. Too many parts made me go gaga.

On Calling:
* Calling choreography: Is this the first time they involved so many back-up dancers? (or used back-up dancers at all?) And where are they placing their hands?
* I can't believe how sweaty Aiba was during the perfie. He's the only one dripping with sweat.
* Great choreography too! I liked how the back-up dancers made Arashi "shine" even more (even if all of them were wearing black)

Hope they perform them in other music shows as well! <3
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2013 is going to be a great year...fandom wise:
Platinum Data
NazoDi Movie
Kamisama no Karute 2
Kuroshitsuji movie (Hiro is back!!!)
Last Hope
Lucky Seven SP
Calling/Breathless single
Popcorn tour DVD
F4 reunion

So excited to flail and squeal and roll around in kilig and gigil. I just wish I wasn't so alone in my fandoms. It's really sad trying to hold in the excitement and kilig. sigh.
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....for fangirling on Gackt instead of studying for class....
....for downloading too much arashi videos that my hard drive can't carry...
....for not writing enough in my journal, just lurking around communities...
Gackt, Gackt, Gackt... )
EDIT: I was supposed to have posted this yesterday but livejournal errored on me. I guess it does hate me after all. :( 

crushing on gackt

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 22:27
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I just have to let this thought out because I have no one with me to fangirl with:
1) Gackt is hot. He is another level of hot. His beauty is unreal and can only be found in vampire manga.
2) There should be more Arashi-Gackt collaborations. 
3) Sorry Nino, but Ohno has found another man which makes his heart go "kyaaa~"
4) I have to watch Moonchild again. Sho-Kei OTP <3
5) Harisenbon's Haruna is one lucky girl. sigh...Gackt-sama...

I cannot believe I just spent the whole night looking up Gackt's videos, PV's and songs! Urgh. I don't need another fandom! But his vampire charms are so hard to resist. And he is actually funny too...

finally it's here!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 08:18
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Yey! July 06 finally came, after months of waiting (ever since they announced that they're releasing a new album). So grateful for being part of this fandom. Now I have to break my piggy bank.

I have so much reading to do and I've barely made a dent. So I consider this new album as my motivation to finish as soon as possible. Here's hoping that I actually pick up something from my long list of readings (cause psych is text-heavy). And that I don't fall asleep in the library (again).

I better get ready to get to school!

bartender is <3

Friday, 24 June 2011 00:18
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I am currently watching Aiba's drama Bartender. And it is sooooo funny. spoilers galore )
I never realized how pretty Aiba's smiling eyes are. They are really pretty. Can't wait for more Aiba dramas!
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 According to the "Popolo 2011.06 - Your perfect Arashi husband" quiz (translated by [ profile] username_hannah ), my perfect arashi husband is Sho. The results say (and I quote):

A Type – Sakurai Sho
Enthusiastic about education, an intellectual husband.
You still haven’t thought much about the future, but if you were to marry, someone calm and dependable like Sho-kun is recommended for you. With someone as intelligent and knowledgeable as him, it seems you could raise an intellectual family together.

~Yes. I agree with all my heart. And to think that I answered it very quickly, not thinking twice. must be fate. <3

It has very interesting questions too. If I had a choice of being Arashi's maid or manager...that's a tough decision. I feel like being a maid would be an easier task and allows for a lot of fanservice, but I would love to support them as artists by managing their schedules and affairs and such. Whichever one sounds good. sigh. Or I could be their therapist. That sounds good too.
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WAHHH! I am internally fan-girling right now,  because I have no one to share the fandom with. How I wish I could share a cake with someone to celebrate sho's birthday. Eating a whole cake with candles alone is just soooo...well, lonely.

To all the sho wifeys out there, arashians, and the whole fandom, I am celebrating with you, internally. (How I wish I have my own sho picture/graphic/fanart. *sigh*)

It's 1/11/11!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 21:49
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I just had to post. I literally dragged myself out of bed just to post some random thought. Because I thought it would be a shame if I missed the opportunity to post something on 1/11/11 just because I was sleeping.

So here's 11 blessings on 1/11/11:

blessings )

Yey! That's 11 blessings here in LJ!  I am so grateful for the wonderful people here in LJ (I actually frequent my LJ account more than facebook). 

Here's for more blessings!

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I am wasting my life away sleeping! Oh no! This is totally bad.  

I need to study again, or work, anything that requires me to follow a rigid schedule to force me awake. Can't believe I actually miss waking up early in the morning just to make it in time for my 7 am class.

i need to seriously reset my body clock.

20 days left till sho turns 29! He's maximum umai personified. Here's to more projects (solo and otherwise), and more exposed arms in 2011!
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I really, really, really, really need to clear up disk space so I can dl and watch more arashi! I want more sho hotness! Give me more shows where his beautiful arms are exposed for the world to ogle! (I really love his arms. and then his lips.)

Last year, I worked for KOMIKON spending money (and spend I did). This time, aside from my gradschool expenses, personal allowances, and other miscellaneous fees, I will work for Arashi merch, My first ever. Wahh! I hope I'd find a regular paying job to do so!

2011 is going to be a good year.

*weird, I actually had a dream about sho. and it was disturbingly...kinky. 
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I can't believe I've let ten days pass by without writing anything here (not that anyone reads this). Hmmm...what to write about? Oooh! Oooh! I remember! I saw this. This person rocks.

Wish List # 3: I want plushies...and not just any plushie...I want all the boys in their huggable plushieness. If I get to hug L and Light (and have them do even more), why can't I do the same with the boys? sigh...If only I knew how to sew. and to design. and to actually follow instructions...

BUT! for the love of Arashi that is burning in my veins...I will make them...someday.  
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Since its only a few more weeks until Christmas comes, I wanted to start something Christmassy. Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season starts as early as September and ends at January or until we remember to finally put away our Christmas decorations. Seriously.

I don't believe in Santa Claus but that doesn't mean I can't come-up with a wish list. Some are more plausible than others, while most are just plain wishful thinking (but not completely impossible). 

wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight... )
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 I am not Japanese, I don't understand Japanese. My Japanese vocabulary is only at the level of basic greetings, jikoshoukai, numbers (not even counters!), and one-word expressions like "kawaii! <3", "sugoi/kakkoi", "urusai", and other expressions one could easily pick up from watching anime.

That is why I am in such great debt to subbers and translators who expend tremendous time and effort, giving time to record, translate, typeset, time, and upload shows and pvs even when they have other important things to do (like study, work, eat, or sleep). They also put themselves at risk by doing this since the big companies, of course, own these shows.

Without their efforts I wouldn't be able to know how funny sho can be, how out of place ohno's comments sometimes are, how sharp nino's tongue can be, how silly aiba is, and how composed matsujun is. I wouldn't know that sho graduated from keio university, that aiba's family has a chinese restaurant, that ohno is a mama's boy, that nino went to hollywood, and that a girl once turned down matsujun, if there were no people to sub them. In short, I would never get to know Arashi.

I could understand why english dubbing companies complain about anime fansubbers since they would lose the market for their dubs. But shows like shukudai-kun or himitsu or shiyagare don't get dubbed. The only way I can be able to watch Arashi, to read about them, to understand each refrain they sing is through translations.

Given all that these groups are sacrificing and risking, is it too much for them to ask not to re-distribute these works? 
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I love Arashi. The JE unit composed of bishies who sing, dance, act, and host their way into the hearts of millions. I'm not Japanese and I don't understand Japanese, but through local TV's dubbed jdoramas and the dedicated and awesome subbers and translators out there who pour their hearts and souls into subbing/translating shows and songs of these 5 idols, I got hooked.

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 I'm not a fan of social-networking sites. I don't have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Multiply, deviantart, and the only reason I opened a friendster account eons ago was to cyber-stalk my crushie (not effective).

Why don't I have such accounts? 1) Because I have nothing to put in them. I have no life. I am a NEET, almost a hikikomori. 2) Do i really need to be bombarded with 10,000 newsfeeds a day? I love my friends, and I would love to know how they're doing, but do I really need to know what you had for lunch? or read pa-profound status messages? 3) I'm too lazy. I don't plan to go on-line everyday to update or to check what's up with the world. 4) My dad has facebook. Of course i would have to add him. and if I do, I won't be able to rant about stuff I really want to rant about. And I love my dad and all, but I don't really want to read his posts. May contain embarrassing stuff. 

So why in the world did I open a livejournal account? Because I am bored. This is my attempt to have a life. And since I am the only one in this house who is an Arashi fangirl, anime and manga otaku, and Filipino komiks fan, I don't have anyone to talk to, to fangirl with, nobody who would understand why I would suddenly squeal in the middle of watching a japanese show. So I hope I can find people to fangirl (or fanboy) with.

Oh, and I also need to polish my writing skills. I plan to go to grad school, so I need to write in a way that is clear, concise, and gets the point across. I hope I am making sense.

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