Wednesday, 25 January 2017

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I just learned a new term: RPS - Real Person Shipping. When fangirls ships an onscreen couple, beyond the characters they play.

ZOMG. That is exactly what I have been doing with Maichard for the past year.

Anyway, while A is in the states for the GMA show (meaning no Maichard interactions), I had more time to explore a different fandom. I finally got around to watching the Taiwanese drama Bromance, and I found myself stuck in a rabbit hole, with no hope of getting out.

The plot was what got me interested. Then I found out that Bii was part of the cast. Loved his songs for Love Around, especially "Come back to me." Then I got electrified by Megan Lai (Lai Ya Yan) and River Chen's (Chen Chu He) onscreen chemistry. Their very effective acting. The faux BL flavor that made the fujoshi in me squealing like a banshee. Then the kisses. Then the BTS...then the fan blogs...then the soompi thread...

I'm totally hooked.

The reason I got off my lazy butt to write about this is because of the uncanny similarity between this ChuYan/DuPi fandom and the neyshen:

* Megan and River first met and worked together on a taiwanese drama Because of You five years before reuniting for Bromance.
(RFJ and Meng already "met" each other 5 years before they "met" again in EB.)
* Megan and River's offscreen chemistry and friendship is shown in their skinship and being comfortable with each other during intimate scenes. In BTS footages, we see staff and co-workers (like Bii) playfully complaining how sweet and 4D ChuYan are, blurring the boundary between real and reel. (Totally like Maichard and their infamous "sariling mundo.")
* Megan's fans hating on River for his past, wanting to protect Megan from "getting hurt" in case she falls for the playboy. (Yep. Totally sounds like M's OSFs.)
* River being a gentleman and the subtle ways he makes Megan comfortable off and onscreen. (hello A!)
* Megan having "two sides," that is she is more lively when she is with co-workers. (hello M!)
* Hanash when pictures of Megan and River having a gap in between them in an event, and River wearing rings. And ChuYan fans explaining that they don't have to be attached at the hip to show that they are okay. (*eats a hanash brow*)
* BTS and offscreen vids more entertaining than the show itself. (Ehem, Kalyeserye)
* Megan being more eloquent than River; River being too honest and straightforward, he's become the spoiler king (hello Boy Dulas!)
* River is older than Megan, and the perfect height difference. (kyaahhh Maichard!)
* Megan is usually teased as being flat chested (and how River speaks up about her feminine charm to counter it), theChuYan fandom's special attention to River's tushy (hello gutter neyshen)
* The Bromance director secretly a ChuYan shipper? And how flexible and open he is to Megan and River's suggestions and adlibs. (Hello Direk Mike Tuviera!)
* Megan and River more focused on perfecting their craft than maintaining their "idol" image. (Hello Maichard)
* Megan and River attending a co-cast member's wedding...and the fans are all looking for pics/clips of ChuYan together more than the married couple. (hello Maichard at Bossleng's wedding)
* ChuYan fandom no longer questioning if they are being delulu.

Now I get how real person shipping can be scary. 


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