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Sinag regrets her decision to meet with Benjie and gets into a misunderstanding with Badong, Don Vicente will not let Benjie quit as lead architect, and Trish drags Sinag to look for Benjie’s “distraction.”


So Sinag gives Benjie a chance to say what he has to say and he basically just repeats his apology from 2 years ago and asks to be friends again. Sinag has had enough of his BS and tells him to focus on Trish instead of badgering her. As she is ranting, Benjie spots Trish and Sinag hide panics. Benjie faces Trish to distract her as Sinag gets away. Trish tearfully confronts Benjie about what he’s hiding and tells him, “I know I’m not the perfect girlfriend, but I’m trying to be one.”

Sinag exhaustedly arrives home and tells her mom that she made a mistake when she met with Benjie. Unfortunately, Badong overhears. Siang reassures him that nothing happened and he has nothing to worry about.

At Rosales Development the next day, Benjie is still out of it after what happened with Sinag and Trish despite the fact that he was presenting his designs to the boss (after the delay).

Meanwhile, Sinag is stuck with a livid Trish who is still pissed off about Benjie’s secret meeting with his “ex.” After ranting and insulting “Sinag,” Trish asks DJ Sunshine to help her catch Benjie and his cheap country bumpkin ex.

While Benjie is getting critique from Catalina about his design revisions, her comments serve as triggers to his encounters with Trish and Sinag last night. He tells Don Vicente and Catalina that he’ll present new revisions and if they still don’t like it, he will resign as lead architect of Tierra Alta. But Don Vicente will not let him quit (although he was starting to think that Catalina was right when she said the project was too big for him to handle).

Trish brings Sinag with her to the Rosales office building, and instructs her to keep her eyes peeled for Sinag, still wishing bad things befall on her. As they look through Benjie’s stuff to look for incriminating evidence or at least a clue to the jerk’s infidelity, Marjorie returns to the office. ZOMG! Will Marjorie call out to Sinag? Nope, because Trish hides with Sinag as Marjorie enters Benjie’s office to leave files (and an unprofessional kiss mark). Trish wonders if the girl is Marjorie and Sinag immediately slams the idea. “Why does it seem that you know Benj so well?” Sinag reasons out that Trish is so different from her so her boyfriend would not go for someone like her.

Much to Sinag’s relief, they leave the office. But her relief is short lived when Benjie returns and she and Trish are forced to hide again. However, Sinag ends up entering a meeting room where three architects look at her bemusedly as she panics.

The Rosales couple talk about Benjie over a meal, and Don Vicente doesn’t mince words about his disappointment with their grandson. His wife serves as defense attorney once again which only riles up the Don. Catalina is also gets dragged in his “basket of disappointments.”

Speaking of Catalina, she’s still scheming to get the Tierra Alta project from Benjie. She is so sure that Benjie won’t be able to deliver what he promised so she’s preparing to her own designs in case her father asks. Creepy Elton volunteers to sabotage Benjie again and Catalina tells him to be on standby. 

On that same day, Teddy and Sally bring his latest art work to a friend’s museum. Said friend tells him that his latest work is a misfit to the currently displayed pieces. Teddy desperately asks him what he has to do to for his works to be accepted but he only gets brushed aside.   

Meanwhile back in the Rosales building, Benjie has returned with Jason and they talk about his meeting with Sinag last night in the lobby (where Trish is conveniently eavesdropping). Benjie denies feeling anything for Sinag and Jason reminds him that he has both Trish and his work to focus on so he should let his unresolved feelings with Sinag go. Thankfully none of them mentioned that Trish and Sinag work in the same place.

Sinag on the other hand realizes that she’s not alone in the room and comically tries to get out of the sticky situation she has fallen in (Awww…Maine did Kap Jose’s “Ang ganda!”).  As she steps out of the room, Trish is just outside, incensed at Sinag again. Crazy possessive yandere girlfriends are scary AF.

Benjie seemingly takes Jason’s advice and gets busy with his design revisions. Jason points out that his original design (that got corrupted) was better than his current design and Benjie tells him that after he submits this design, he’ll catch the person who sabotaged him. Even though the culprit is obvious, he needs concrete evidence before he can make an action. 

Trish and Sinag are back to the radio station, only to get scolded by boss-ninong for “girl-bonding during office hours.” The boss-ninong tasks Trish with planning the station’s summer outing (cuz a Filipino rom-com teleserye will not be complete without a summer beach scene). 

Because destiny is not satisfied with connecting Trish and Sinag, she also gets the Obispos and Rosales couples entangled as well. Someone bumps into Teddy on their way out and he loses it when he almost drops and damages the sculpture. Vicente (who is dragged to the museum by his wife) wastes no time in insulting a stranger, calling his labor of love “stupid’ and not worth the effort. He levels up the insult by doing the classic matapobre trick: flippantly offering money. You can imagine what happens next (more cliché lines between a poor man and a matapobre rich man).

Benjie overhears pantry chismis between Elton and a random office worker (who also doesn’t like the upstart) and finds out that Elton was the one who sabotaged him. Benjie immediately punches him (so much for finding evidence) and gets into a fratman-level rumble. Elton voices out the jealousy and resentment of everyone in the office who secretly hate Benjie’s guts. Catalina comes out and breaks up the fight and says the most valid things (even though she’s the bad guy, she makes perfect sense). “You’re wasting the time and resources of this company.”   

Random thoughts

* ARGHHHHH!!!! The nerve of Benjie to request Sinag to be friends with him!!! I knew he was a self-centered jerk, but I didn’t imagine he’d be this unreasonably spoiled. You don’t ask/demand for trust, you earn it, you jerk.

* And now Sinag feels bad about herself for what she did. Arghhh. This is all Benjie’s fault. Forget what I said about rooting for their forever. Benjie is a selfish jerk at his core and he’s dragging Sinag into his mess.

* Is this for real? A total stranger can just enter Senior Architect Benjamin Rosales’ office and people don’t even bat an eyelash. The receptionist could’ve escorted them to the office, even if Trish knows where it is. And my goodness, even after being sabotaged, Benjie takes no safety precaution and still leaves his office completely open to anyone (the door isn’t even closed). Like seriously. Trish is looking at company files on Benjie’s table and no one is stopping them (Sinag could easily take down Benjie for revenge if she really wanted to).

* Seriously, what is up with Marjorie and her revealing outfits? It’s like she’s purposely showing her bra to prove that she’s biologically female and not a drag queen. And can the timing of her lip stick touch up be anymore more contrived?

* Why is Dona Helen, who would always defend her grandson and badger her husband to not be too hard on him, not defending her only daughter? Is it because she also sees Catalina lacking as well?

* I thought Teddy already agreed that Nanang Puring would have exclusive rights to his works? Is that “contract” expired?

* I was right about multiple coincidental contact points. However, the Obispos don’t bump into Trish’s mom but the Rosaleses instead. And it went worse than I imagined. 

* How much bitterness is Don Vicente harboring in his spirit that he’s insulting strangers to their face?

* Was Tatay Teddy drunk? I don’t get his explosive anger at an innocent man just because his sculpture almost fell (when you think about it, it’s his fault. What in the world is the bubble wrap doing with Sally? He’s the one who’s not being careful). Although I get that Don Vicente’s callous remarks were like adding oil to the fire, and fine, Teddy is getting frustrated that his work is unappreciated in Manila. But his character’s behavior is way way different from a few episodes ago when he stopped his wife from attacking the poser “critic” who insulted his work in his face.

* Ugh Catalina is sooo effin good. If only she weren’t the spawn of the devil, I would totally be rooting for her. I hope the writers don’t give her the cliché kontrabida ending. She’s too awesome for that.  

In conclusion

I have to hand it to the writing team. I like how they’ve been using external dialogue to reflect Sinag’s and Benjie’s internal conflicts. But for the rest of the cast’s line, not so much. With Sinag and Benjie in each other’s lives again, it seems like the writers want to make the leads’ lives more complicated. It’s not enough that their parents have a past connection (because Amanda has already forgiven them for something they shouldn’t be blamed for), the Obispos need to have bad blood with the grandparents too (despite Sally’s resolution to just forget the past and let go of their resentment against the Rosaleses). Teleseryes seem to have this unwritten rule of connecting the people around the main leads. Next thing we know, Trish’s Ninong-boss is actually Ninay’s American dad.   

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