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Sinag is the queen of throwing shade, Benjie insists on seeking closure even though both his mom and bestfriend advise against it, and destiny proves yet again that it’s a force to be reckoned with.


Benjie walks to Sinag like an enchanted person and practically cages her and Sinag tries to avoid his gaze by turning her attention to the flowers decorating the staircase. She says her piece and joins her co DJs to get away from him. But Trish leads Benjie to her table to boast about her “perfect boyfriend.” Sinag expertly shuts down this one-man parade in the wittiest way.

Meanwhile, Sally and Teddy talk about his latest work of art and love for one another. (Why do I feel like this a bad premonition for this loving couple? When promises like this are made, fate brings in a disaster to make sure the promise is not kept)

As her co DJs leave to get desert, Sinag prays that Trish won’t leave her alone with Benjie. But destiny is a conniving witch so her wish is not granted (arghhh! Sinag’s internal monologues are sooo sassy). Trish is called to the stage and Sinag does her best to remain calm as she avoids looking at Benjie, seated just a seat away.  As Benjie tries to convince Sinag to talk to him, Trish gives a shout out to her boyfriend (adding a threat to anyone who’d come between them).

Sinag finally steps outside of the ballroom, looking for Badong. And of course, persistent Benjie follows her. Badong finally shows up and Sinag informs Benjie that the torpe boy is now her boyfriend, before finally leaving the place. Benjie is left alone, dejected.

Benjie is driving Trish home, she notices he’s out of it again and reminds him that secrets between couples destroy relationships (she’d be an expert in that area since she destroyed her collegiate relationship with Benjie years ago, along with his respect for women who are not his mom).

Meanwhile, Sinag and Badong have after dinner snacks at a sidewalk isaw stall, dressed in their fairy tale costumes (yes, Sinag is still wearing her white gloves while holding greasy isaw sticks). Badong asks what happened and Sinag tells him that she didn’t talk to Benjie. She’s just worried that her work will be jeopardized once crazy possessive girlfriend Trish finds out about her past with her boyfriend. Although Badong is still skeptical, he drops the issue.

Amanda raises the questions everyone is asking: “Why do you need to talk to Sinag?” and the self-centered jerk insists that he needs to let Sinag know that he’s really repentant over what he did to her and her family. Amanda raises very valid points but will her son listen? No, of course not. We need drama in this series yo! So even if his mom is right and makes perfect sense, Benjie will have his way to make their tangled web even more complicated.

Catalina (who’s starting to dress more and more like Marjorie. I get that summer in the Philippines is sweltering hot, but no need to put your “girls” on display) has a talk with her boss/dad, reiterating her suggestion to entrust some of Benjie’s projects to her, specifically the Tierra Alta project. But gets coldly rejected because according to her dad, she hasn’t proven anything to him yet (and now we get why Catalina grew up to be so heartless and diabolical).

After leaving her dad/boss’ office, she runs into Marjorie who tries to make the mood lighter by complimenting her look. “How to be you po?” she asks, and Catalina answers, “You don’t want to be me.” (And that scene just made my heart twitch for our prima kontrabida. Behind her fierce exterior is a daughter still longing for her father’s approval. Ina Feleo is one badass actress).

Sinag tells her family about what happened last night and the whole family supports Sinag’s decision to stay away from Benjie at all costs. Meanwhile, Benjie leaves his car in the office and sneaks out to look for Sinag at work. As usual, he calls Jason to make excuses for his absence (two years have passed and yet he still hasn’t changed).

Usually, people grab an uber, a ride that can ride solo. But this is not an ordinary day. Because destiny will not be thwarted. So on the same day and hour Benjie books for a carpool, he’d get on the same car Sinag booked. But they won’t realize it immediately because there’s a big guy with big packages in between them.

As soon as the guy leaves, Sinag and Benjie realize they’re in the same car. So what does Sinag do? Run away, of course. And what does Benjie do? Run after her, of course. Sinag clearly states her case (cause Trish really is a scary beeyotch) but Benjie does what he does best and lets his pheromones do the convincing. But look who arrives just in time to see them talking outside the radio station? It’s our resident crazy possessive girlfriend Trish! To get out of this potentially sticky situation, Benjie lies about surprising Trish.

As Sinag does her internal monologue inside the elevator, random people behind her have conversations reflecting her own inner conflict (This scene was genius).

So DJ Sunshine continues with her show and answers a question from a fan asking whether all relationships should have closure. Trish (who now has a different view on Sinag’s show cause they’re besties) and Benjie are watch her, and clueless Trish pokes the wound in Benjie’s conscience when she unknowingly brings up how DJ Sunshine got hurt by her last relationship. Benjie pretends he’s a clueless outsider and Sinag sends an indirect message to Benjie as she answers the fan’s question. Benjie turns to leave and declines Trish’s invite to dinner (cause he plans on waiting for Sinag to meet with him later).

* Okay. Now I’m feeling to feel bad for Trish as well. What’s with this episode, making me sympathize with the kontrabidas (minus Marjorie)?

* I know I’ve been ranting about how self-centered Benjie is but he really is. Not only is he putting SInag in a tight spot (although to be fair, Sinag lied first by denying she didn’t know Benjie but you can’t blame her because Trish is scary as ef), he is also justifying Trish’s jealousy. He’s not taking into consideration the feelings and situations of either woman in his actions. And the advice “follow your heart” is total b**$***.  

In conclusion

Anyone who has experienced awkward meetings with an ex is probably wishing they had said the same things Sinag has said to Benjie. Dignified, eloquent and yet firm (which rarely happens in real life no matter how many times you rehearse a scene in your head).  Next episode, we’ll see what will be the consequence of Sinag’s decision.  

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