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Sinag and Benjie finally meet face to face. (This is not a drill! THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL.) And a lot of stuff happen in between. 


Sinag and Badong confront one another for not saying anything about seeing Benjie. For some reason, they need to go to their park with their pet bird to have this conversation. Sinag reassures Badong that nothing will change even if Benjie shows up again. They make a pact never to keep secrets from each other again.

Jason’s girlfriend successfully recovers Benjie’s files and he’s super grateful. The girlfriend (who’s name is Meg) tells him that the files were corrupted on purpose. Their friendly gathering is interrupted by two random girlaloos who flirt Benjie. Trish of course doesn’t accept this and threatens confronts the harpies in the ladies room (Woohooo! Pscyho girlfriend FTW. If Catalina does not end up killing off Marjorie, Trish will).

Trish shares to Sinag what happened last night and Sinag goes “Wow, you’re scary as an enemy madame.” Trish defends herself by saying she’s just fighting for what’s rightfully hers. The conversation shifts to the anniversary party that night and Trish is excited to introduce her Benjamin to Sinag.

Meanwhile Badong is prepping for the party with his grandparents’ help (he’s really giving off major Cinderella vibes). He gets teased by Arman, saying he’s the beast to Sinag’s beauty, especially when he runs into Benjie. Badong assures them that he’s talked to Sinag about this and he’s confident that Benjie will never get in between them.

Benjie tunes in to his girlfriend’s radio station at Jason’s suggestion and lo and behold DJ Sunshine is on air. Jason recognizes her voice and quickly connects the dots. Yas, there’s a big possibility that he’ll meet Sinag at the company party later. But they shrug it off as someone else sounding like Sinag since Trish hasn’t mentioned meeting someone who had the same name as the girl she is jealous of.

Sinag’s family is also prepping for her and as Sally is touching the yellow gown, she gets a premonition about Sinag and Benjie’s face to face meeting at the party. Teddy tells Sally to do something about her visions and gets riled up about what his wife saw. But Sinag and Badong are ready for the party.

The party is in full blast and both Benjie and Trish have arrived. As Trish introduces him to her boss Ninong, Benjie keeps looking around as if looking for someone. Meanwhile Badong and Sinag get into a minor altercation making them late for the party. Since Sinag can’t be late, Badong calls her a ride so she can go on ahead while he fixes things with his car.

While Trish is entertaining important guests, Benjie looks like a palace guard standing by himself near the buffet table, still looking around. The DJs chat him up and he takes this chance to ask about DJ Sunshine, particularly where she was.

So for some reason, everyone from the station and Benjie participate at the cotillion dance of sorts (I swear, this event looks like Trish’s debut). Cheesy production number pa more.   

While the dance is going on, Sinag arrives at the venue. For some reason, her shoe slips off as she is entering the ball room and the dancing peeps accidentally kick the shoe away from her, drawing her further into the middle. So yes, our Belle has turned to Cinderella.

Just when Sinag is about to pick up her shoe, Benjie also bends down to retrieve it. Their eyes meet in the middle of the ballroom and magic happens. Maichard magic is real and potent yo!


And the spell is broken when Trish (who looks like the fairy godmother) comes in to give them a dose of reality. Sinag panics and denies knowing Benjie and babbles (Maine is so good at this). She tries to make a quick exit but Trish stops her, telling her to not leave the event. All the while, Benjie is just gazing at her. Like he can’t believe she’s in front of him again. He doesn’t need to say anything. His eyes speaks volumes.


As if to give viewers to calm down, the scene shifts to Tatay Teddy doing art and Sally sharing her worries about her husband to Lola Delia. Although she understands his resentment for Rosales Development, Sally believes that they should completely put that past them so they can truly move on. They approach Teddy and Sally turns into a one-man cheer squad for Teddy’s artist ego.

Back to the main event. Here is how our destined lovers deal.  Sinag tries to gather her wits in the ladies room (Maine is such a treat to watch when she’s panicking like that), fails and calls Ninay. Benjie on the other hand, immediately calls bestfriend Jason. And here’s their game plan: Benjie is determined to talk to Sinag to get closure once and for all while Sinag is determined to avoid him at all costs. 

Meanwhile Badong, who is clueless about what was happening to his girlfriend, is still stuck dealing with his damaged car. We also get a public service ad about the possible dangers of driving under influence.

Sinag tries to make an escape but unfortunately runs into Trish who forces her out of the ladies room. Because Sinag is her only friend and Trish needs her beside her in case something comes up, she can’t let her leave so soon. While Trish’s busy with investors, Sinag tries to slip out again.

Before the episode ends, we are treated to another hyper extended SinJie moment. As Sinag is atop the staircase, Benjie is below, looking at her. And their eyes meet (And Benjie still has that look of longing on his face, revealing that everything he’s been telling Jason is pure b**$***).


Random thoughts

* If Sinag is a tsundere, Trish would be a yandere. Hooray for psychologically complex characters!

* Doesn’t Trish have her own bestie? Even Sinag asks her this question.

* The set-up for SinJie’s much anticipated meeting is improbable (really? Sinag’s shoe slips off?), cheesy (in the middle of a cotillion?) and I love it.

* ARGHHHH! I just love Maine’s “salamat sa sapatos” line which has to be an intended reference to the Tamang Panahon event (M thanked A for the shoes during her surprise call to DJ Bae the day after TP).

* HOW THE EF DOES ALDEN DO IT? It’s just a look but the way he gazes at Sinag is different from how he looks at Trish (even when it’s an affectionate moment with his girlfriend). 

* I know I said I will stop being cynical but I just need to point out how selfish Benjie is. The only reason why he’s determined to talk to Sinag is for his own peace of mind. Ultimately, he only cares about appeasing his guilty conscience. Sinag has made it clear that she wants him to never show his face to her ever again. She mauled him to the ground to highlight how much she hates his guts. So the only one who’ll benefit from this “closure” talk is Benjie. Not Sinag who has worked so hard to trust another man again. And certainly not Trish, who will always feel insecure and jealous. Because he is a self-centered jerk at his core.  


In conclusion

Fairytales are always magical and Maichard will always be my favorite one. Because when God authors the story, it’s beyond magical; it’s divine.

Our SinJie drought is over and kudos to the writers for how they’ve orchestrated SinJie’s own “Tamang Panahon” (which is a misnomer since both of them are in a relationship with other people; there’s nothing “right” about the timing). Thank God for the Beauty and the Beast live action movie for making it feasible for adults to dress up like fairy tale characters without looking like a children’s party.

So much is in store in the coming weeks. The SinJie Wheel of Fate has started to turn once again. 

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