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Trish and Sinag are now work besties. Sinag’s glimpse of Benjie rattles her and her relationship with Badong. And Benjie gets chewed up at work. Another almost meeting (a second installment to last episode’s half-meeting).


When Sinag peeks out again, he’s no longer there. (Enter Denise’s glorious vocals) Benjie gives Trish a call as he drives away, telling her about his situation. Trish the understanding girlfriend, wishes that it’s nothing serious.

Meanwhile, Sinag panics and drags Ninay to tell her about what she saw. They hide this from Badong but he gets suspicious about it, of course. Ninay makes up a bogus story about breaking up with Arman to divert his attention, and they succeed. The attention is back to the sick bird. And the besties have averted a crisis.

Benjie gets an earful from his grandfather (you don’t say “I don’t know” to a bog boss when something goes wrong. You just don’t) and Catalina is the perfect “innocent” bystander. “Stop making excuses and own up to your mistakes. I’m sure you have a backup.” (ugh. This is why I love Catalina, no matter how evil she is. She is sooo good at being bad). Benjie takes out his laptop only to find the file is also corrupted. And Catalina goes, “See? You have the gall to point fingers when you’re the source of the problem.” And Don Vicente bring out the “I don’t want to be disappointed” card again to hang above Benjie’s head.

Back to Sinag, she decides to have her moment outside their house, as she remembers seeing Benjie again. Her mom steps out as well to join her. Of course she knows what happened and she wants to know what’s going on with her daughter. Sinag shares that she feels guilty that she couldn’t open up about her encounter to her boyfriend. Sally makes very valid points and Sinag promises to herself that she won’t do anything to hurt Badong.

Meanwhile, Benjie is back at the office and throws a very grown up temper tantrum (not only does he have to start his revisions all over, he needs to clean up his mess as well). Jason comes to save the day (on his birthday) because his girlfriend is a whiz at data recovery. Good news, the files can be recovered. Bad news, it would take days.

The next day, Trish drops by Benjie’s office to comfort him and suggests that Catalina is the one behind the sabotage. Benjie doesn’t buy it because he’s confident that she cares too much for the company for petty schemes like that. Of course, they’re talking about this in the company office, out in the open, where anyone can just listen in on them. Oh look who’s eavesdropping now? She’s not even hidden. (Love her ootd)

Because they’re friends now, Sinag shares to Trish that she saw her “ex” last night. “Wow, what a coincidence,” Trish blurts out. Oh girl, you have no idea. Trish asks her if she’s still in love with him and backpedals when she notices Sinag’s discomfort. Since they’re chummy now, they go to the mall after work, where Sinag helps Trish choose a watch for her boyfriend to cheer him up. Sinag’s monologue aptly describes her complicated relationship with her new found friend and “ex.”  She can’t help but asks her new boss, “Are you sure he’s your forever?” and gets an optimistic “I hope so.” (And destiny be like, "Girl please. Not on my watch.") 

At Badong’s house, Arman warns his pet bird’s health is a bad omen for his relationship with Sinag. Because in this universe, everyone (including Trish and her mom who don’t even know the story behind SinJie) is sure that once Sinag and Benjie properly meet and interact again, they’ll get back together (despite Benjie’s betrayal, despite Sinag’s resentment, despite their current relationships). Because destiny.

Trish calls Benjie to set a date only to realize that she forgot her gift (the whole point of her surprise for her boyfriend). So what does she do? She can drive back to the radio station and be a few minutes late or….get her new bestie Sinag to do her a favor.        

Sinag gets grilled by her co-DJs about her budding friendship with Trish. Sinag’s Jenny Ferre in this universe warns her that Trish might be only befriending her because she can get something out of it from her. She defends their new boss, saying that she actually a nice person and it’s better for the whole team if they all get along. At that moment, she gets a call from Trish to ask her to bring her gift to the resto where she’s meeting her boyfriend. Sinag finds out that Trish’s boyfriend’s name is Benjamin and wishes that he’s not a jerk like the Benjamin she knows.

Sinag reaches the resto only to find that Trish is in the middle of a carmageddon. She instructs Sinag to just leave the gift with the restaurant’s manager. As Sinag is leaving the resto and talking to her uber driver, Benjie arrives at the resto. Just as Sinag enters the uber, Benjie steps out in time to catch a glimpse of her. And he runs after her car (enter Lara Fabian’s Broken Vow).

And thus the part two of the almost meeting is complete. Now we just need to wait for grand encounter to get the SinJie wheel of fate rolling again.

Before he can run any farther, Trish arrives and asks him what’s up. Of course, he gives up the chase.

Don Vicente, meanwhile starts having second thoughts about trusting Benjie with so much projects so soon. And of all of people, he asks this to Catalina. And you can just imagine how this conversation went.

Back to Benjie and Trish. Benjie is totally out of it, which is rude to his girlfriend who is doing her best to show him she loves him. While Trish is wearing her heart on her sleeve, Benjie is still stiff and closed off. Even when he’s kissing her hands and gazing in her eyes, it’s so different when he’s with Maine Sinag.

The next day, Benjie tells Jason he saw Sinag last night. Jason asks the right questions and calls out the b**$*** his bestfriend is spouting. “You better be sure about that. You might end up hurting someone again.”

Meanwhile, Trish thanks Sinag for helping her out last night. Although she was happy that Benjie liked the watch, Trish can’t help but be bothered about his absentmindedness during the date. Sinag advices Trish no to overthink.

Amanda gives Benjie the same talk Sally gave Sinag when she found out about that chance encounter. When asked “are you still in love with her?” he counters with, “she probably has a boyfriend or a husband right now.” His mom tells him upfront, “you didn’t answer my question.”  

At the radio station, Trish presents her anniversary party plans, crediting Sunshine for her inputs. It is well received by everyone, including her boss Ninong, who hopes that their tandem continues. “I hope so too. I feel like Sunshine and I won’t fight over anything.”

SiDong the parrot is now well, and both Sinag and Badong fawn over it. While the two are busy with the bird, Arman and Ninay talk about their friends’ relationship as they watch them. Arman mentions Benjie and Ninay panics, asking her boyfriend how he found out that Sinag met Benjie. Which Badong overhears of course. Arman complicates the matter by revealing that Badong was the one who saw Benjie. And now the cat’s out of the bag due to a comedy of errors.


Random thoughts

* Denise Barbacena’s soothing voice has now completely melted away my cynicism. Fine. I’m rooting for their destiny again. And also because Alden and Maine are so good at looking incomplete when they’re not together. There’s magic in the air when they share the same screen, even if they don’t properly meet yet. It sounds like an exaggeration but it’s true.

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