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There is now bad blood between Sinag and Trish. Benjie gets in trouble at work. Tatay Teddy gets disheartened over the negative feedback on his work. And we get yet another almost encounter.


Sinag unloads her guilt on Badong for what she did to her new boss, hoping that she won’t target her at work. And of course, the boyfie comforts her, while inserting a cheesy line. Meanwhile, Trish “I can handle pressure” Villanueva also unloads on her own boyfie about her new work and gets a “don’t take it too seriously” advice from her workaholic boyfriend.

At the company, Catalina approaches her dad to ask if Benjie has submitted his revisions (to make sure that their plan to sabotage him will work) and smirks when she finds out that all is going to plan.    

Meanwhile at Sinag’s workplace, Trish meets with the DJs again. Of course, Sinag’s fear comes true and she gets singled out at a meeting (well, everyone else also got critiques but she gets a rude paper-tearing scene. Now look who’s wasting money *eye rolls*). Her co-DJ and Ninay try to comfort Sinag by saying the new boss was probably feeling threatened because of her popularity.

Back at Rosales Development, Catalina badgers Benjie about his revisions even though it’s not the deadline yet (like a kid asking if they can open presents yet on 2 days before Christmas). When he tells her he needs to double check, of course Catalina will not let him. She’s so eager to embarrass him in front of her father that she’s practically dragging him to stand up and present his work. So Benjie hands her the USB and Catalina gives a mini sermon on how crucial his revisions are to the construction timetable before strutting away.

At the radio station, Trish is working on the anniversary event for the company when she gets a call from her boyfie who just wants to unload on her (oh boohoo Benjie. You wanted this and now you’re complaining?) So what does he propose to do, since both of them are “hectic” at work? “Let’s get some drinks now.” (This sounds like a typical set up for a liqour commercial)

Speaking of liqour, Tatay Teddy comes back home wasted (he left after seeing the bad review on the paper). Because bad habits are hard to break. And because we won’t get an emotional breakdown scene unless he’s drunk. Yes, Teddy it’s all the Rosaleses fault. Sinag comes home and Teddy once again drunk apologizes to her for being “weak” and forcing her to be the breadwinner.

Benjie and Trish are in his car and Trish (who just started at her job) starts complaining about being stressed about her work. (AND OMG her woes about losing a booked event place because she didn’t pay the down payment sounds exactly like what happened to Dondi in My Bebe Love. Hahaha. It’s so funny). Benjie suggests that they not talk about work as they unwind in the bar (to be honest they sound more like spoiled brats ranting about their high-maintenance relatives).

The next morning, the ninong-boss berates Trish in front of her subordinates for messing up on the invitations (yes, she went for a drink with her boyfriend knowing that she is not done with her work. Because #priorities *eyerolls*). Based on his parting words, she better do her work as an events coordinator or else her position as station manager will be in peril (awww…poor little rich girl).

Meanwhile, Teddy wakes up with a hang over and apologizes all over again. Because his pride as a father and sculptor is taking a beating (I still don’t get why he doesn’t get a day job). And he places the blame on the Rosaleses again.

Speaking of Rosales, Benjie gets a call while he’s on the road. It’s Trish, who despite being neck deep in work still finds the time to check up on her babe. This scene is so ridiculous. She’s the one who initiates the call and yet she tells him, “I’m sorry I can’t talk right now.” What the ef was that??? So after the call, Sinag approaches Trish to make amends and give her a hand on her problem (connections save the day). Trish immediately leaves to seal the deal and for some reason tells Sinag “ikaw nang bahala dito.” (I have no idea what she meant. She’s entrusting the day’s station management to SInag?)

Oh but look. She forgets her phone. And look whose face is flashing in the screen signaling an incoming call? With Sinag just across the phone? Will she see Benjie’s face again after two years?

Of course not. The phone goes low batt before she could even see the screen. Sinag decides not to touch it (wise move).

It’s night time and Benjie and Jason celebrate his birthday with friends at a bar. (WE FINALLY MEET JASON’S GIRLFRIEND!!!) They tease Benjie about how their roles are now reversed, with Trish now being the busy one at work.

Speaking of Trish, she’s back at the radio station, waiting for DJ Sunshine to finish her show to thank her. She’s actually a decent person yo (for now). And how does she repay Sinag? By inviting her out to eat. Meanwhile, Benjie is left alone as he watches couples slow dance. And of course although he has a girlfriend, he remembers his slow dance with Sinag (and to shake things up, we get the english theme song). He gets a text from Trish inviting him to join her and a friend for a meal. And the overused question for the week is raised again: will Sinag and Benjie finally meet?

Sinag shows Trish her published book based on the radio show. Trish asks her where she gets her hugots, Sinag shares about her last big heartbreak while Trish opens up about how worried she was of her boyfriend’s ex, both unaware that they’re talking about the same guy (although to be fair, with Benjie’s playboy reputation before meeting both ladies, I wouldn’t be surprised if the waitress or ladies at nearby tables have encountered our resident Casanova). They become chummy and Trish gets a text that her boyfriend has arrived.

So they’re at the same place again. A person has actually arranged for them to meet. Will they finally cross paths again?

To keep audiences on their toes, the scene shifts to the Obispo household where Badong gets bad news about SiDong. The pet bird’s current state of health is a reflection of Badong’s relationship with Sinag. It’s dying before it could even take flight to the sky.

Back to SinJie. Of course they won’t properly meet yet. While the ladies wait for Trish’s boyfriend, Sinag gets a call from her own boyfie, to let her know about their pet bird. Of course, Sinag needs to leave right away. However, as Sinag leaves the resto, Benjie is parking across the street.

Again, another delay from the show who wants to keep everyone at the edge of their seats.  Don Vicente is looking for Benjie to personally present his revisions but Catalina informs him that his grandson left early to meet with his girlfriend. So she shows him what’s inside the USB and the Don gets infuriated and insists on talking to the boy that very minute. Catalina’s superb innocent, clueless maang-maangan acting is classic.      

As Benjie is taking Catalina’s call, Sinag turns and spots Benjie. Our girl hides immediately. Yey. One half of the meeting complete. 


Random thoughts

* Ugh. What have they done to Catalina’s character? What is this? She’s turned into a small fry. Is this the same devil’s spawn who’d have a house with kids and elderly people burned down for the sake of getting land? What is this gradeschool level bullying? It’s so disappointing.

* Can I point out Don Vicente’s blatant prejudice? He has no problem with Benjie dating rich girl Trish but all hell will break lose when he falls in love with a poor barrio lass. He’s a typical kontrabida from the 1990s. Will we ever be free from this overused conflict?


In conclusion

The actress playing Trish has legit kontrabida creds. She played the kontrabida to Barbie Forteza in a show that ran for one whole frickin year. You can imagine how many kontrabida motivations she went through in that show. She can switch between a kontrabida to an ally to a kontrabida again at the right trigger. A kontrabida hybrid if you will. So we can expect (at least I am hoping) a non-boring (though predictable) kontrabida to Sinag. Exciting. The writers will still keep Marjorie though because we need a kontrabida who can be subjected to abject cruelty disguised as karma for the comic relief.

Exciting stuff ahead!


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