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 We finally meet who’s the new station manager at Sinag’s work place: Trish. Catalina finally does something to strike at Benjie (apparently, there are no CCTVs around Benjie’s office). Tatay Teddy gets disheartened by the low turnout at their art exhibit.


Ah, Marjorie in a sexy party outfit. Trying to seduce Benjie who is now at odds with his girlfriend (Marjorie’s goal when she incited Trish’s jealousy). Of course it doesn’t work. Kudos to Benjie for being a gentleman while turning her down.


Sinag at the radio station, talking about moving on like drinking bitter medicine (what era are we living in? That metaphor is so 1980’s). Meanwhile Benjie is at the same bar Sinag and Badong went to, drinking his problems away (this is the “plan” Benjie pertained to when he turned down Marjorie). And will you look at that, he’s holding the same notepad Sinag scribbled on the last least I think so (the paper is different, but the handwriting is the same).


The Obispo couple is finally showcasing their artwork in an exhibit. But it’s not going the way they envisioned it. Teddy is complaining that no one was looking at or asking about his sculptures (he should’ve made the 2017 version of Machete). And Sally shows us where Sinag got her temper. Tatay Teddy is starting to lose his confidence as an artist but his wife (whose works are apparently more popular with the metropolitan crowd) is there to comfort him. But Sinag’s “congratulatory” call highlights his self-disappointment.

While people are going about being productive members of society, Trish is at home, still cyber stalking. Her mom goes to her and tells her that the very thing she was doing was what caused her dad to separate from her mom. Trish goes “what if he’s still in love with his ex?” and her mom tells her to fight for him (cause he’s worth millions yo!). Which translates to turning into a possessive crazy girlfriend in teleserye speak.        

The next day, Sinag’s co-DJs gossip about the new station manager… which again is diverted to talk about Sinag’s lovelife. I don’t get why Sinag denies her official relationship with Badong to her officemates when she already said “yes” to him.  

The scene moves to another relationship, as Trish drops a surprise visit to Benjie’s office (because nothing spells heartfelt remorse than showing up at his workplace during office hours unannounced. Professionalism be damned).

Meanwhile, Sinag is waiting for Badong at the park…where the boyfie surprises her with a caged pet bird. He’s aware how much Sinag misses her Pelangi bird friends at the aviary so he got her a caged parrot. Not only has he taught the parrot what to say, he also gave it a name: SiDong. Although she finds the name cheesy, she thanks her boyfie for the gift.

Trish, on the other hand apologizes to Benjie for being nosy about his past relationships and tells him that she’ll accept him wholeheartedly, including his past (which is totally hypocritical because she’s the one with the infidel past). Benjie accepts the apology and all is well…for now (That moment when Benjie’s eyes widen when Trish says “I know you and Sinag are over…” Now that is an excellent thespian at work. It’s such a small detail but it speaks volumes. And he still looks closed off and “stiff” even though he hugs and shows affection to Trish).

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