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We’ll find out more about the different lives our leads have lead after two years and how much they’ve changed and how they’ve stayed the same (or how this series has a thing against moving on: NOBODY EFFIN MOVES ON. Well, aside from Amanda and it took her a decade and a half before she finally let go of her resentment about her husband’s death).


Benjie drives home from the dinner his new house. Unlike the confident and successful lead architect we saw in the presentation that had the world in his hands, we see a broken man. Despite his success, he is in anguish because he knows he achieved all that by deceiving and hurting the one girl that mattered.

Another character has not changed: Badong, who Arman scolds for still being stingy. From driving someone else’s tricycle in Pelangi, he now has three “share a ride” vehicles. Arman also has not changed; he always sees through Badong, especially concerning his feelings for Sinag. He makes that age old excuse of being afraid of losing his friendship with Sinag and Arman tells him that Sinag was not that kind of person (thus showing that his excuse was just a cover up for his spinelessness).

Two years after, things are looking up for the whole Obispo household. Nanay Sally and Tatay Teddy are busy with exhibits and client presentations (cuz they’re renowned artists yo!), Sol’s computer project is qualified for an international competition and Tala is growing up to be an artist in her own right. Sinag watches her whole family contentedly, saying she cannot ask for more. Tatay Teddy (who is wearing a similar shirt to the one the young Benjie wore when he first met Sinag) teases her and the whole family is focused on Sinag’s lovelife once again (or lack of).

Outside, it seems Badong has finally grown balls and heeded Arman’s advice to be upfront about his romantic feelings for Sinag. He calls for Sinag (like they’re back in Pelangi and they don’t have neighbors to disturb, who are still resting from their night shift) so he can confess his feelings (he even wrote it down on pink paper). And because he keeps stalling, the universe got fed up and a gust of wind blows away his script. Of course, he tries to retrieve it (because he needs to read what he wrote to articulate the feelings he’s bottled up for half of his life), and a comedy of errors ensues.

Sinag has remained unchanged in her being unassuming when it comes to male attention, fully convinced that her relationship with Badong is purely platonic. She also retained her low self-esteem, asserting that she wasn’t Badong’s type (gee, thanks Benjie, you jerk). Her mom keeps pressing the topic,  asks her if she was still harboring feelings for someone else, and proceeds to compare he-who-shall-not-be-named to Badong. Sinag insists that she is way over “whoever her mom was referring to.”

At Rosales Development, we find that Jason is still the same loyal sidekick whose main purpose was to bring up topics Benjie was uncomfortable with and call out his b**$h!t. Today, it’s about marriage and Sinag (okay let’s face it, it would always be about Sinag. He’s the only one who can bring her up without evil intent).

Badong after recounting his many failed attempts at confession (Nips candy on pizza? Oh universe save Sinag from this horrible man who has no respect for good pizza), gets a pep talk form Arman and his grandparents. Arman laughs at his face, Lolo Elvis recites several flipino sayings, and Lola Delia channels Susan Roces (”Wag mahihiyang magtanong…”). 

Sinag is not over Benjie and engages in typical post-break up behavior: cyber stalking with a side of bitter hugot. One the other side of the metro, Benjie is still hung up on Sinag. (Parallel scenes: the leads are alone, flashback of an earlier scene where the person was brought up again, social media search, and 3am thoughts about them)  


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